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Hookah 101: Get the Right Hookah Hose

Hookah 101: Get the Right Hookah Hose

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Types of Hookah Hoses

With the recent modernization of hookah smoking, hookah hoses have made significant improvements. Don’t get me wrong, a traditional Khalil Mamoon Rainbow Hose still looks and smokes great. But, more durable and long lasting washable hoses are now readily available. Why not combat tobacco flavor ghosting and create custom one of a kind hookah setups when the options are out there. Whether you own a hookah lounge and need to keep things sanitary with disposable hookah hoses or want a bright colored silicone hose to match your vivid Vapor Hookah, has what you need! We go through each hose type and how to clean your particular hose.

Traditional Shisha Hose

You know the style, long handle hookah hoses with the little fur rings on each end of the handle. The Khalil Mamoon hose that comes with every new KM Hookah. Not all traditional hoses have the fur but they do have something in common, the hose is made with real or synthetic leather. This along with the interior springs to keep the hose from kinking and cardboard liner make washing your hose tough. Water damages the leather and the springs tend to rust. Without washing, tobacco flavors ghost and can ruin future sessions. There is one way to keep these at least a little clean. After smoking shisha, hang your hose with each end pointing towards the ground. Let it completely dry out. When dry, grab each end of the hose and tap it on the ground to break loose any particles. Blow those particles out and voila! If you like the traditional style check out the Royal Starbuzz hose to finish off your setup. SouthSmoke Blog Washable Hookah Hose Mya Hookah Blue White

Washable Hookah Hose

Washable hoses like the Mya Cloisonne Hose or Starbuzz Maximus are very similar to traditional hookah hoses. They are also normally made out of leather but sometimes replace the metal spring with plastic or use a plastic liner inside thehose. The biggest difference is the absence of cardboard. These hoses are considered washable but may still show damage after several washes. Definitely a step up from the traditional hoses but washable hoses still have their downfalls. Flavor ghosting can still occur with frequent use as well. Many color options and handle styles are available. Choose several for your multi hose hookah using a hookah hose adapter or cool down your smoke with a hookah ice hose like the Mya Freeze hose! SouthSmoke Blog Silicone Hookah Hose Atomic Red and Carbon

Premium Silicone Hookah Hose

If you really want a fully washable hose, look no further than a silicone hookah hose! Style and color options are endless with silicone and flavor ghosting is a thing of the past. Run some water and lemon juice through your choice of soft or hard silicone to clean. Smoke particles have a tough time sticking to the silicone meaning you can switch flavored tobacco without tasting your last session. Many silicone hoses come with uniquely shaped aluminum handles or you can fully customize your hose with thread color, stamped leather wraps and much more from companies such as Moses Hoses! Style up your modern hookah with the Vapor Carbon Hose or stand out with bright colors in the Vapor Atomic Hose. SouthSMoke Blog Hookah Hoses Mazaya Disposable Hose

Disposable Shisha Hose

Great for hookah lounges or big gatherings, disposable hookah hoses can be the most sanitary option. A low price point hose made of plastic that is meant to be tossed after each hookah session. No more worrying about who smoked last out of your hose. The Mazaya Disposable hose is a solid option made out of high grade plastic to keep your customers or friends happy by not spreading germs. Simple hoses that still have color options and can work for any budget. Find every style of hookah hose imaginable right now at Classic traditional hoses to match your stylish KM Hookah or brightly colored silicone hoses to go with your modern hookah setup are all readily available. Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite shisha while you’re there!

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