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Gifts for Hookah Lovers - Holiday Shopping Edition

Gifts for Hookah Lovers - Holiday Shopping Edition

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah on Your Christmas List

Have you finished your Christmas list to Santa? Picked up the hookah accessories and other odds and ends to stuff a loved one's stocking? If your answer is no to either one of these questions, is here to help. We have a list of hookah essentials to help you finish your holiday shopping and take away any stress before the holiday season. So, leave a freshly packed hookah bowl out for Santa and read on for the hookah gifts everyone is hoping to see under the tree. hookah bowl, hookah hose, apple on top provost HMD, christmas present and persons feet in red and white striped socks

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Hookah Accessories & Gifts for Hookah Lovers

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones they aren’t expecting. Hookah accessories they want but don’t absolutely need are fantastic gifts for hookah lovers. The Apple On Top Provost V2 Heat Management Device fits the bill. Old school hookah smokers may say HMDs aren’t necessary but they are the latest advancement to the hookah world. The modern shisha lovers are clamoring for ways to enhance their sessions. Surprise them with the new and improved Provost Version 2 from Apple On Top Hookah! Maybe shiny new contraptions aren’t your style. You like to provide those in need with the bare essentials. A Vapor Hookahs Electric Coil Charcoal Burner to make future hookah sessions a reality because an old burner went kaput. Or, a new phunnel hookah bowl to better pack the juicier, more modern shisha tobacco. Both needed commodities for the everyday hookah enthusiast. Don’t forget a silicone hookah hose to keep the flavored tobacco rolling and minimize ghosting. Check out the sleek Vapor Carbon Silicone Hose for a little extra style while keeping things simple. Al Fakher mint shisha, Al Waha arctic cherry shisha and Mazaya tobacco strawberry hookah shisha next to red christmas ornament in the snow

Stocking Stuffers – Sample Size Hookah Shisha

Finding presents small enough to fit in a stocking but meaningful enough for their intended recipient may be the toughest part of holiday shopping. Fret no more, sample size hookah shisha will brighten anyone’s Christmas morning. Fill that fireplace sock to the brim with a variety of shisha flavors from top hookah tobacco brands. The 50-gram sample sizes are a perfect way to try new flavor blends and they won’t break the bank. Help someone broaden their hookah spectrum with traditional 50g shisha flavors from Mazaya Tobacco or Al-Fakher Tobacco. If they are a little more adventures, gift samples of Afzal Tobacco’s wild line of flavored shisha or creatively named Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco blends. Maybe even purchase enough to keep some for yourself (wink, wink). gold christmas wrapping bows, red ribbon, scissors, coco nara charcoal, cocourth coconut charcoal and coco mazaya on table

(Hookah) Coal for Christmas?

Does someone deserve coal for Christmas? Make it coal they can actually use with hookah charcoal rolls from SouthSmoke! Now, I know this goes against the meaning of giving someone coal for Christmas but premium charcoal from Three Kings Charcoal or CocoNara Charcoal is a seriously great gift. You can never have too much hookah charcoal! Circling back to stocking stuffers, charcoal is available in small amounts as well! Pick up a Three Kings Charcoal 33mm Roll or CocoMazaya Coconut Charcoal 24 Piece Box to fill a last minute need. The popular CocoUrth Coconut Charcoal Cubes are available in an 18 piece box as well. The options are unlimited, try something new! We at SouthSmoke hope you have a great holiday season. Be sure to finish off that list for Santa with hookah accessories, flavored tobacco and hookah charcoal from!

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