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Eternal Smoke Shisha Has Arrived!

Eternal Smoke Shisha Has Arrived!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Be Cool, Be Great. Be The Dragon with Eternal Smoke.

We’re extremely excited to announce that Eternal Smoke Shisha has arrived to! Eternal Smoke has some quality shisha we know you’ll love. There is no doubt that you’ll be packing your hookah bowls with Eternal Smoke in no time. This premium shisha is full of flavor and massive clouds. Based in Florida, Eternal Smoke was founded in 2018 and is well known for their unique and authentic flavors, and their dedication to using premium shisha to enhance the hookah lifestyle. Whether you're a novice or enthusiast, Eternal Smoke's blonde leaf tobacco makes it easy to enjoy for any level of hookah user, and the flavors are like none other.

Eternal Smoke Series Collections

Best known for its innovative series of shisha flavors, which feature flavor profiles grouped together to help you find the perfect flavor for you. If you love coffee, chocolatey, chai shisha, their "Enjoy Series" is right for you. If you’re in need that tingly freshness, Eternal Smoke's "Cool Series" has an array of fruity and citrusy blends bursting with mint. The "Mix Series" is made up tropical punches and bubblegum surprises you won't find anywhere else! Eternal Smoke promises nothing short of extraordinary shishas sure to meet every smoker's preference. 5 Eternal Smoke Shisha Jars on a Urban background Next, is their "Romance Series" and this Series can sweeten up your hookah session with blends containing anything from strawberry smoothies to pistachio. In the Romance Series you’ll find one of the most sought out and popular flavor from Eternal Smoke, Milkin’ Cookies. For those who like a more traditional, and richer flavor such as double apple, and guava, you’ll want to check out their "Extreme Series". If you’re a fan of unique flavor mix ups then you’ll enjoy Eternal Smokes "Guess What! Series". This Series creates a fun way to share a bowl with your friends and test your taste buds!

Pack the Perfect Eternal Smoke Bowl

Eternal Smoke shisha is made from a finely chopped blonde leaf tobacco, making it much tastier than the traditionally used dark leaf. You'll want to be careful when packing your bowl; don't overpack it or compress it too tightly as that will restrict the airflow and affect the flavor. Make sure to fill your bowl loosely, here’s some steps and tips to help elevate your hookah session! A Hookah Bowl packed with Blonde Leaf Shisha, a HMD Device and Hookah Coals

Work It

An Eternal Smoke session will be no fun without the proper preparation. Prior to packing your hookah bowl, you’ll want to mix up the shisha to get all of those juicy flavors and decadent aromas that made us fall for hookah in the first place. To pack your bowl, a palm-sized amount of shisha should lightly be sprinkled on top into your hookah bowl. Make sure not to stuff or pack too tightly!

Pack It

Spread it Evenly and don’t over pack it! We recommend using a shisha fork to evenly and firmly pack the shisha without packing it too tight in order to prevent any air blockage. Then, wrap it up tight with foil paper, ensuring that the foil doesn’t actually touch the shisha itself. Next, you’ll want to punch holes in your hookah foil unless you use a pre-punched hookah foil. If you don’t have pre punched hookah foil, use a toothpick for the perfect sized holes. As long as you ensure everything is evenly packed and contained there’ll be nothing but eternal smoke ahead!

Light It

Eternal Smoke has very delicious blends and to get the full flavor experience it requires an exceptional charcoal to ensure the full flavor profile and experience of your shisha. Natural Coconut Coals are the obvious choice for Eternal Smoke – they are odorless, disperse evenly and stay hot longer so you get maximum flavor out of every bowl. If you’re in a rush, a quick light charcoal will do.

Smoke It

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience. Grab your hookah hose and inhale a couple times to get the smoke going. As soon as it’s ready, you’ll see why Eternal Smoke’s team says once is not enough.

Enjoy It

These are just some suggestions for those new to hookah but feel free to do what makes your hookah sessions epic! We love Eternal Smoke shisha because of its delicious flavor, consistency, and massive clouds that always bring a smile to anyone who's in the room. With these unbeatable qualities, your hookah sessions are sure to be as enjoyable and fun as possible!


All of Eternal Smoke’s flavors are unique blends and perfect on their own. However, because their flavors are so unique the number of mixes are endless! If you start to explore your own mixes, we recommend sticking with other blonde leaf blends such as Starbuzz, Trifecta, Fumari, Al-Waha and Azure Tobacco. Hands Packing a Shisha Bowl with Hookah Charcoal beside it with a Urban and Vibrant Green Background We hope you enjoyed this blog. We can’t wait for you to try Eternal Smoke shisha. You can now buy Eternal Smoke today at! If you’re new to hookah we have all the necessary items to help you start smoking right away. If you have questions or need help, give us a call at 888-577-6653. Our customer service team are experienced hookah smokers who can assist you with any questions that you may have!

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