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All New Vapor Hookahs: A Closer Look

All New Vapor Hookahs: A Closer Look

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Vapor Hookahs in Stock Now!

Breaking news from New Hookahs are now available! Vapor Hookahs is happy to present you with four brand new eye catching additions to their collection. These traditional beauties are single hose models only and come as complete hookah sets including a Retail Style Box making it portable for easy travel, Hookah Tongs, Premium Egyptian Style Clay Bowl, Rubber Grommets, and a matching Vapor Hookahs Silicone Hose.

Hookah Sets: The Cobra, The Trinity, The Conquest

The Cobra is truly a sight to behold. It stands at 34” tall with a very elegant trumpet style clear glass vase that is adorned with gold and black accents. The stem is sturdy and decorated with relief designs from top to bottom giving it a truly unique look and feel. It also comes with a matching black silicone hose and unique star hookah tray that both match the stem in quality and aesthetics. The Conquest also stands at 34” tall and comes with a bell shaped clear glass vase that is decorated with gold and black accents. Similar to the Cobra, it has a sturdy black stem with relief designs, a matching silicone hose, and also includes the unique star hookah tray. If you are looking for something eye catching and elegant, The Cobra and Conquest fit the bill perfectly. The Golden Nile is a hookah that embodies the Midas touch. Gold colored from top to bottom, it stands at 30” tall with a clear bell shaped glass vase that is decorated with even more golden accents. The tray and stem both share the same expensive looking hue with designs that catch the eyes and can be felt with your hands. The matching golden silicone hose brings it all together into a hookah setup that seems as though it belongs in an ancient Egyptian Tomb. The Golden Nile Hookah The Trinity is the antithesis to the Golden Nile, matching its aesthetics in every way but supplementing the gold aspects with silver ones. It still has the beautifully designed stem and tray with the matching silicone hose; along with the clear bell shaped glass vase boasting the same type of riveting silver accents. What are you waiting for? Come and have a look at all that Vapor Hookahs has to offer by visiting today!

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