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Chill Out with the Mya Freeze - Icy Hookah Hoses

Chill Out with the Mya Freeze - Icy Hookah Hoses

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Cool Down Your Hookah Session

If you're looking to cool down your hookah session, there is no better way than with these exciting icy hookah hose products. What better than a nice cool and relaxing experience to transport you to hookah nirvana? We're here to present you with two icy hookah hoses that are guaranteed to give you the coolest hookah session imaginable. Let's dive into the Mya Freeze Hose and the Vapor Crystal Ice Hookah Hose. A lot of people add ice to their hookah vase or put their hookahs in the fridge prior to using. Others choose a hookah ice chamber attachment for a lovely cooling effect. Many look to the variety of freeze and ice hookah hoses to enhance their hookah smoking experience. Cooling down your hookah session is like adding mint to basic fruit flavors like pineapple, melon, watermelon, and orange. Think about it, who eats or drinks a warm fruit or juice? Same goes for hookah; the last thing you want is a warm hookah session that doesn’t appeal to your taste buds.

Popular Icy Freeze Hookah Hoses

Let's start with the basics: the Mya Freeze Hose has been around for some time and is a favorite among hookah smokers. The Mya Freeze Hose is approximately 72'' long and is made of a synthetic leather material that comes in a variety of colors. The Mya Freeze Hose contains a screw friendly plastic handle where an ice packet may be inserted into the chamber. It's that simple. Replacement icicle sets are available for order at if you want extra ice packets on hand.

Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose

Now, let's move onto the Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose. The Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose is made of a synthetic leather material, measures approximately 97'' and comes in a variety of colors that are sure to match any hookah pipe out there. The Mya Extra Long Freeze Hose can handle more than one ice packet and even offers replacement Extra Large Icicles in the event you want to stock up. The Extra Large Icicles make for an even cooler hookah smoking session than its predecessor.

Mya Silicone Freeze Hose

A few years ago, Silicone Hookah Hoses became a new standard in the world of Hookah. Silicone is a much easier product to clean and maintain than synthetic leather and also lasts longer due to its durability. The Silicone Freeze Hose is approximately 57" and is available in a variety of colors. This hookah hose uses the same Mya Icicles as the original Mya Freeze Hose.

Vapor Crystal Ice Hose

Vapor Hookahs recently launched the Vapor Crystal Ice Hose featuring a wide body silicone tube with a unique ice handle. The ice handle can accommodate one or two included freezable ice packets, it just depends on how cool you want your session to be. The Vapor Crystal Ice Hose features next generation silicone for easy cleaning and comes in a variety of colors. Measuring approximately 83", this hose is the best bang for your buck.

Choose the Right Icy Hookah Hose For You

Now you have the 411 on all the icy freeze hookah hoses and accessories available at Now, take a look at each hookah hose in more detail and see which style fits your needs best. Remember, you can’t go wrong with any of our freeze hookah hoses, so sit back, relax, and make sure to pickup your next hookah hose at

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