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Best Kept Hookah Secrets & Debunked Myths

Best Kept Hookah Secrets & Debunked Myths

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Secrets & Hookah Myths Debunked

Today we are going to take you through some of the most important hookah secrets and insider tips every hookah lover should know. We'll also debunk a couple of long time hookah myths. Read on to discover tricks like thicker clouds, better flavor, which coals to use, troubleshooting hacks, and more. Let's go!

How To Get Thick Hookah Clouds & Better Flavor

Here is a hookah secret trick to getting thick clouds and a better tasting flavor! I’m certain you can load your shisha faster now than you did when you first started smoking hookah. In the past, you were much more careful about where you put your shisha in the bowl; nowadays, you just throw it in. The next time you load a bowl, don’t rush it. Rather, take your time when packing the bowl and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations as every tobacco differentiates. If needed, use a shisha fork or perhaps a foil picker to help create some pockets of air to help heat flow through your bowl while smoking. Doing this you will simply obtain better vaporization with more flavor and thicker smoke from a packed hookah bowl. The hot air from a packed shisha bowl vaporizes flavors from the surface without burning the top layer.

Choose Natural Coal For a Fresh Tasting Hookah

three hookah charcoal cubes on apple on top device Natural coals, aka coconut coals, have the benefit of delivering the experience of a fresh hookah without the headache associated with instant coals. Hookah coals are divided into two categories/types: instant and natural coals. If being portable and if time is a factor, then instant coal is the best choice. By choosing natural coal, you will experience a fresh, hookah every session. For natural coals we recommend Coconut Coals by Vapor Hookahs as they are odorless, tasteless, do not contain any chemicals, and burn three times longer than most other Charcoals on the market.

Do Tall Hookahs Really Smoke Better Than Short Ones?

A taller hookah that is not guaranteed to smoke better than a short hookah. Almost all hookahs, tall or short, smoke and operate nearly the same way. What makes one hookah better than the other is the width of your down stem, hose adapter, hose, a lack of air-leaks, and your base. The myth is only true for hookahs with extremely small bases which are not able to hold enough water to cool your smoke properly. Larger bases or vases are better in order to keep your smoke cool, and this is where size matters.

Your Shisha Tobacco Should Be Fresh & Moist

Perhaps not the most secretive of hookah secrets, but still crucial. One of the most important parts of a successful hookah session is fresh shisha tobacco. This isn’t your local butcher shop where dry-aged meat is everything. Make sure your tobacco is kept in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight. Fresh and juicy tobacco is essential to a tasty hookah. We recommend airtight, sealed storage containers if you know there will be a long period without smoking.

How to Avoid Choke Points

There is one hookah secret we wish we could broadcast to everyone. The wider the openings are, the easier the pull is and the more smoke you will get. Which overall gives you bigger and better clouds. As smoke passes through your hookah, it will go through a series of passageways of various sizes. For example, the down stem, the hose adapter, the heart chamber, and your hose. The largest sized passageway will be at the base, where the smoke has lots of space. It all comes down to physics.

Plastic Hookah Hoses Are Washable and Amazing!

assortment of 4 washable hookah hoses Don’t hate on cheap hoses! Washable hookah hoses can be found in variety of styles and prices but can commonly be found under $10. Yes, we said it! Under $10! Some hookah smokers scoff at inexpensive washable hoses because they’re cheap. We're here to debunk the myth that plastic hookah hoses are inferior. One of the best kept hookah secrets too, we think. These products serve a very simple purpose: to bring smoke from the hookah to you. Not only are they affordable, but they smoke well, especially in small social gatherings or by yourself. We recommend these as a means of maximizing cleanliness in social gatherings and when the flavor gets bad, you simply just throw it away and get another one. We sell both low-cost and high-end hookah hoses. Some of our favorites are made by Vapor Hookahs!

Ice Hose Tips & Freezable Hoses are Great

Okay this might not be so much of a hookah secret, but if you're new to hookah, you should know that ice hose tips and freezable hookah hoses make for an amazing, refreshingly cool hookah session. Ice hose tips keep the smoke cool for about an hour, and they make smoking a lot cooler. They are usually universal, so you can use them with whatever hookah and hose you have. You can also enjoy the coolest shisha clouds with freezable hookah hoses. The hookah hoses include freezable inserts that can be placed straight in the freezer. The hookah hoses are also washable and function like any other hose. Smoking with a freezable hookah hose cools smoke as it passes through, allowing for a colder, more enjoyable hookah session. We have a variety of ice hose tips and freezable hookah hoses on! Take your pick! Find your favorite!

Hookah Secret For a Better Smoking Hookah Bowl, Every Time

Have you ever gone to your favorite hookah bar or lounge with your friends and had an amazing session? Did the flavor and the clouds blow you away? Was it the hookah experience you always imagined and never wanted it to end? Fast forward a little and you prepare your hookah at home one evening. For whatever reason, it doesn’t taste as good as at the bar or lounge. The flavor is muddled and the clouds are tiny. Then you start to wonder what step they did that you’re missing. You’re doing everything right, but you’re leaving out one very helpful technique. The technique is all about airflow, and it couldn’t be simpler. This is a hookah secret technique that every enthusiast should know. So how do you do it? person smoking hookah with smoke cloud around head, hookah bowl

How The Technique Works

Step 1:Load your bowl as you normally would. Step 2:Wrap your bowl in foil as usual. Step 3:Poke your foil holes as usual. Step 4:Before you place your hookah bowl onto your hookah, lift the bowl above your head, tilt your head back, place your lips to the bottom opening of the bowl and form a seal, then gentlyblow into the bottom of the bowl. If you have loaded your bowl correctly, you should be able to achieve insane airflow and have an awesome smoking bowl as a result. Your goal is to check your airflow and unclog any holes that may have been blocked by shisha during the packing process. In the event that you cannot blow into the bowl, or if the process feels very restricted, we recommend revising your bowl loading process and be mindful of not clogging the holes in the bowl going forward. We hope you enjoyed our blog and learned a few secrets! Be sure to check out our variety of products on to enhance your hookah experience. If there are any hookah tips, tricks, or myths you’d like us to debunk, let us know! Your suggestion might even make it into a future post! If you have any questions, please just give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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