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Al-Fakher Double Apple Flavored Hookah Tobacco

Al-Fakher Double Apple Flavored Hookah Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al-Fakher Double Apple Flavored Hookah Tobacco Review

Some things are just classics; like Casablanca or a 1966 Shelby Cobra. These things have left their mark in such a way as to never be forgotten. Something else that can be added to this list – Al Fakher’s Double Apple Shisha. It’s no secret that Double Apple is one of the longest standing shisha flavors as it was one of the first. Because of this, it is the most smoked flavor in the world. That being said; it is also one of those flavors that is a completely love it or hate it kind of blend with not much in between. There is a reason for such division of course; Double Apple flavors usually include varying strengths of Anise which is a flavor that is very similar to black licorice. It is used in things like black jelly beans and Jägermeister meaning it is definitely an acquired taste but those whose love it can truly appreciate it in a way no one else can.

Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco

Al-FakherHookah Tobacco has a red tint with a medium cut. It is generally fairly juicy with a couple of stems here and there to deal with. This double apple brand has a distinctive anise scent upon opening and remains true to that profile throughout your session. The apple becomes slightly more prominent later on making it a balanced mixture of a little sweet and a little spicy. If you find yourself smoking Double Apple flavors often, it is usually a good idea to have a hookah hose dedicated to that one flavor as ghosting can be an issue. Al-Fakher is one that is a bit heavier on the anise so if you are wanting a flavor that is mellower in that regard, a great alternative is made by Nakhla. Whichever you choose, both are available at

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