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Adalya Tobacco – Now at

Adalya Tobacco – Now at

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Adalya Tobacco Review

Founded in 2003, Adalya Hookah Tobacco is based in Turkey and is now the largest manufacturer of shisha tobacco in Turkey as well as the second largest in the world! A release in the United States in 2019 of over 20 fantastic hookah flavors has hookah enthusiasts raving. Flavors created from experience in the Middle East as well as influence from the European Union and years of R&D. Shisha flavors you’ve probably heard of on Reddit Forums and Facebook groups like Love 66 and Lady Killer are on their way to! Adalya Tobacco Flavors

Premium Quality Shisha Tobacco

Adalya Hookah Tobacco has years of experience in creating premium hookah shisha and they only use the highest quality ingredients in production. Flavored tobacco made with natural ingredients like Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring juices. A smoking experience many compare to the famous Al-Fakher Tobacco brand but with more exotic and creative hookah flavors to choose from. Expect a similar red dye to the world-renowned AF brand and bold shisha flavors with a little nicotine hit. Best packed in a modern hookah bowl like the phunnel bowl or vortex. Adalya Hookah is great hookah tobacco for any level of smoker from beginner to hookah veteran. Adalya Tobacco 1kg

Adalya Hookah Tobacco – Created From Experience

You just enjoy hookah shisha, the creator of Adalya was born in it, molded by it. Born on a tobacco farm and graduating college with a degree in Technology Engineering in Tobacco, he knows hookah. After school, the Adalya Café was created. A simple food and drink spot but customers were clamoring for nargile scents. As a way to offer tobacco products to customers, the production of Adalya Shisha began. First offered to the domestic market of Turkey with flavors appropriate to the region, Adalya Tobacco soon grew. The first move was the European Union and then Asia and now America. Now, Adalya Shisha has become one of the most popular shisha brands in the world! With attention to detail, research and development, and an eye for innovation, Adalya looks to take over the hookah shisha market.

Popular Adalya Tobacco Flavors

Adalya Hookah has wowed hookah enthusiasts around the world with shisha flavors like Love 66 and Lady Killer. Other under the radar flavors include exotic Hawaii, Baku Nights, Blue Lychee, Mango Tango, Swiss Bonbon, and Tynky Wynky. None of these blends should be overlooked as they all have something unique to offer. Adalya Shisha loves to be different with hookah flavors and offer tastes that no one else is attempting. That’s what makes them unique and craved by hookah smokers. Adalya Tobacco Love 66

Adalya Tobacco Love 66

The perfect mix of aromas and fruity flavors? Shisha smokers have found their true love with Adalya Love 66. A unique blend of honeydew melon, watermelon, tropical passion fruit and a hint of refreshing mint. This shisha flavor is a MUST TRY and once you do, it will always have a place in your rotation.

Adalya Tobacco Lady Killer

Another creative fruity mix, Adalya Lady Killer is a fan favorite for hookah smokers around the world and one of the bestselling shisha flavors from Adalya Hookah. Take the wild ride with tropical mango, sweet melon, and a mix of tart wild berries with just a pinch of mint. Trust me, you’ll wish you bought the kilo case when you are finished. Adalya Hookah Tobacco 50g Flavors

Buy Adalya Tobacco Online At is one of the first online hookah stores to bring in the Adalya Tobacco brand and its sensational hookah flavors. Over 20 new shisha blends from the popular Turkish shisha brand in three tobacco sizes will soon decorate the shelves of the SouthSmoke warehouse. Keep an eye out for Adalya Hookah Molasses in 50g tobacco boxes, 250g tobacco cans, and 1kg tobacco jars to go live on the site! You won’t want to miss the initial release as the top flavors are expected to go fast. Have that mouse clicker finger ready and enjoy the hookah experience that is Adalya Shisha Tobacco at

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