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A Mix of Modern and Traditional - New Vapor Hookahs

A Mix of Modern and Traditional - New Vapor Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

All-New Vapor Hookahs

A shipment of new hookahs from the popular Vapor Hookahs has recently graced the warehouse with their beauty. The Zilla, Tango, Prism, Lumi and Genesis are all attention grabbers and I’m excited to share a couple with you today. Some new looks for your next hookah session. Several new Vapor Hookahs on white background. A mix of modern & traditional.

A Movement

Redefining the Hookah Scene. Vapor Hookahs is bringing modern styling into a world of traditional hookah. State-of-the-art technology that produces a classic smoking experience that veteran smokers are accustomed to. Design and coloring aimed to please the new generation of hookah smokers as well as the last. A piece that you can be proud of. Something to show off to your friends and enjoy a hookah session together with your favorite blends of flavored tobacco. Vapor Hookahs is pushing the limits of traditional hookah. Vapor Hookahs Lumi in front of brick wall with Vapor logo and Southsmoke blog

The Lumi

The eye popping colors grab your attention as soon as you pull it out of the box. There are several to choose from too, almost a neon vibe to each. Choose one to match your personality. The Lumi hookah from Vapor has a very cool machined black stem and a cube shaped glass vase that works well for stability. Looks and functionality! The screw-on stem and extra-large, wide gauge adapters create an air tight smoke for that ideal hookah session. A very fun looking hookah that gets the job done and some! Vapor hookahs Zilla on steps with logo and southsmoke blog

The Zilla

A mix of classic hookah and current styling is the name of the game with the Zilla hookah. Another selection of bright colors are once again the first thing you see. But, if you look closer you’ll notice the glass tobacco juice catcher. A popular piece you would see on a more traditional hookah. Designed to keep the molasses out of your vase and give you the cleanest smoke possible. A glass tray to match really brings the Zilla hookah together.

All-Inclusive Features with All Vapor Hookahs

As for the features and components that come with all of the new Vapor Hookahs, there are several. Washable silicon hoses fight ghosting of hookah tobacco flavors and keep every session fresh. The unglazed Egyptian clay bowl brings a traditional feel to each and several hookahs including the Zilla and Lumi are multiple hose compatible. Just need a hose stem adapter and extra hose to make the switch. Find all of the new Vapor Hookahs right now at and good luck with choosing a color. Happy smoking!

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