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A Fresh Take on Othmani Shisha

A Fresh Take on Othmani Shisha

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Othmani Shisha - A Hookah Favorite, Revamped

At SouthSmoke, we understand that the pursuit of the best hookah experience requires a perfect blend of quality and variety. We take pride in offering you a curated selection of the finest shisha brands, including the renowned Othmani shisha. Their team has been around long enough to see the rise and changes within the hookah industry, and now looks to position themselves again as a head turning shisha manufacturer.

Othmani has experimented with a wide range of flavor profiles over the past years, but their latest lineup focuses on fan favorites with new blends rolling out seasonally. If you’ve tried Othamni tobacco in the past, we encourage you to come back and take a swing with their revamped design. Immerse yourself in the flavors of tradition and innovation as we present you with an exquisite collection straight from Lawrence, Kansas.

Same Great Shisha, New & Improved Packaging

One of the exciting developments for Othmani in 2023 is the introduction of their brand-new packaging. Feast your eyes on the sleek and stylish black resealable pouches that not only exude fancy pants personality but also keep your shisha fresh for longer-lasting enjoyment. And with the convenient 100g size option, you can easily explore the world of Othmani without hesitation or breaking the bank.

Othmani Shisha Flavors

Flavor is the most important aspect of any hookah session, and Othmani shisha is a true connoisseur's delight. Each blend is meticulously handcrafted, drawing inspiration from traditional flavor profiles that have stood the test of time, through the early days of hookahs. Othmani flavors transport you to distant lands, awakening your taste buds with aromatic spices, succulent fruits, and intriguing combinations.

Among their collection of blends, two flavors have emerged as crowd favorites: Aegean Spice (pictured above) and Turkish Coffee. The delicious fusion of warm spices and a hint of citrus in Aegean Spice will provide a truly unique hookah experience, while the robust and aromatic notes of Turkish Coffee will transport you to the bustling streets of Istanbul with every puff. The decadent Turkish shisha experience even receives positive feedback from non coffee drinkers, and that’s a tough challenge within the hookah market. Don’t worry mint fans, Othmani provides a natural cooling experience within their Marrakech Mint recipe that we think you’ll enjoy.

How to Enjoy Othmani Shisha

Whether you're an experienced hookah enthusiast or new to the world of shisha, Othmani is simply universal in all aspects. The golden leaf tobacco is packed with flavor and produced to be enjoyed by any level of hookah smoker. Focusing on longevity and bold flavor, Othmani's all natural ingredients provide a gentle buzz that won’t send you spinning.

The Perfect Othmani Hookah Session, Step by Step:

Crafting the perfect bowl of Othmani shisha is simple with our quick step-by-step tutorial to ensure an exceptional smoking experience:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hookah

Start by assembling your hookah and ensuring that all components are clean and in good condition. Fill the base with water, ensuring that the stem is submerged approximately 1-2 inches. Place the bowl grommet securely on the stem to create an airtight seal. For more tips on hookah assembly see our hookah guide here.

Step 2: Fluff and Fill the Shisha

With a gentle touch, fluff the shisha using your fingers or fork to loosen the tobacco. Fill the bowl with Othmani shisha, packing it gently to the inner rim. Allow some space for air to travel through the tobacco, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking session.

Step 3: Create Airflow

Using a toothpick or a fork, create evenly spaced holes in the shisha, penetrating through to the bottom of the bowl. This allows for proper airflow and ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the session. Remember to keep the holes consistent in size to maintain a balanced smoking experience. For the cloud chaser, this is that special tweak you might be missing in your setup, airflow is everything to a great smoking experience.

Step 4: Apply Heat

Place your preferred hookah charcoal on top of the bowl, either using a heat management device or foil. Allow the charcoal to fully ignite and then distribute the heat evenly across the surface of the bowl. This will gradually heat the shisha and release its flavors in a controlled manner, remember to remove a piece of charcoal if it becomes too hot.

Step 5: Enjoy the Experience

As the shisha heats up, you'll witness the magic unfold, with thick smoke clouds and tantalizing aromas filling the air. Take slow, measured draws from the hookah hose, allowing the flavors to dance on your palate. Sit back, relax, and savor the experience of Othmani shisha in all its glory.

Step 6: Storage and Future Sessions

After enjoying your Othmani shisha bowl, store any remaining tobacco in the resealable pouch provided. The black resealable pouches not only maintain the freshness of the shisha but also allow for easy storage and preservation of the flavors until your next hookah session.

Hookah Bowls Packed with Shisha Tobacco

With these simple steps, you're now equipped to create a delightful hookah experience with Othmani shisha. For the TDLR crowd, fill the bowl to the inner rim, gently tap it down, and leave some space for air to travel. The result will be a well-balanced, flavorful session that you can savor time and time again.

Shop Othmani Shisha at

We hope you enjoyed this blog. We can’t wait for you to rediscover Othmani, or try it for the first time. You can buy the full line of hookah tobacco flavors now at! If you’re new to hookah we have all the necessary items to help you start smoking right away. If you have questions or need help, give us a call at 888-577-6653. Our customer service team are experienced hookah smokers who can assist you with any questions that you may have!

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