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Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco 250g

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Trifecta Dark Premium Flavored Tobacco hit the hookah market in 2016 and gained just as much attention as their previous blonde line did; it's an impression that is most likely here to stay and for good reason. Trifecta is praised by enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of the flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the blends that they provide that can't be found anywhere else. Of course, the proprietor of the brand is an enthusiast himself so he knows what the community wants and is more than happy to provide it.

Trifecta Dark has a truly unique variety of flavors to choose from and their 250 gram jars allow for hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is packaged in a resealable tub with a secondary inner package that is also sealed for freshness. This package is conveniently resealable and when stored at room temperature is sure to maintain its freshness.

Trifecta Dark is an unwashed tobacco from the tip of the leaf so it has a higher nicotine content then its blonde predecessor. With a dark, fine cut and moderate juice level, it produces the best results when using a semi-dense slight under pack in a phunnel bowl.

Always mix up your tobacco to redistribute the juices and then sprinkle it in and add a fair amount of extra before nudging it down to a semi-dense level that still has some airflow and buoyancy. Trifecta takes heat really well so don't be hesitant to start with 3 hookah coals and work your way up accordingly depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using.