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Natural Charcoal Fingers
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Natural Charcoal Fingers

5 review(s)
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Serial Number: 42

Hookah Charcoal Description

Natural Hookah Charcoal Fingers are primarily used in by avid Hookah smokers and in Hookah Lounges nationwide. These hookah charcoals are specifically designed for Hookah smoking, as they are odorless, tasteless, do not contain any chemicals, and do not crack.

Natural Charcoal Fingers is available in a 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) bag, and it is recommended that one or two sticks of Charcoals be used during every smoke.
Natural Charcoal Fingers Specs
Brand Nour (Abo Alabed)
Style Non Quicklighting Charcoal
Shape Round Finger Shaped
Size 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) Bag
Country of Manufacture Syria
Burning Time 40-50 minutes per charcoal

Customer Reviews(5)

best coals
I was given a bag of these by my girlfriend because she didnt use them (she didnt have a hookah) and when i ran out i almost cried...they're the best coals ive used. they do not smell and dont change the taste of the tobacco. i would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Review by James E from Texas United States
Posted 29 Oct 2009
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817 out of 1590 people found the following review helpful
You can break the charcoal into your desired length, as well as not taste the chemical aftertaste of insta-lights. I very much recommend these coals.
Review by Wesley Dewey from Texas United States
Posted 01 Oct 2008
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933 out of 1894 people found the following review helpful
hands down the best.
for over 10 years i've smoked hookah. And these coals are the best i have ever used. i have few tips: I use a Mapp Gas light to get started (in a lighter pan with holes that they sell on this site) , and they are usaly HOT and ready in under a minute or two. just sift them around while they are heating and they get both sides. They stay hot longer then natural coals PLUS they aren't as ashy as naturals leaving less mess when you're smoking inside. PLUS my girlfriend LOVES to let them sit overnight when i'm done so they make little "ashbawls" that she squishes with her fingers.
Review by smitty from Nevada United States
Posted 07 Nov 2007
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1035 out of 2036 people found the following review helpful
Best Option Here
I am definitely partial to this style of coals over the quick lighting ones. While these are not my favorite brand of coals, they are the best ones on this site. If you smoke anywhere that is near a stove, or you can buy a hotplate, there is no choice but to go with the real coals over the quick light.
Review by John from California United States
Posted 14 Feb 2006
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1102 out of 2213 people found the following review helpful
Nour Natural Charcoal Fingers
These are great.
Review by Jebediah Two Feathers from Oregon United States
Posted 18 May 2004
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1147 out of 2328 people found the following review helpful