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Shishavac Hookah Preparation System
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Shishavac Hookah Preparation System

1 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 405
Shishavac Description
The Shishavac is the innovative, world-class appliance that every Hookah aficionado loves to own. This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your Hookah Pipe in seconds, burn hookah charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your Hookah Hose, which means a cleaner, and more fulfilling smoke. The Shishavac conveniently integrates all these functions into a user-friendly, instrumental household appliance.
Refining a centuries-old cultural tradition, the Shishavac is a revolution. It is the world's first Hookah preparation system bringing Hookah enthusiasts a classy tool to prepare a higher quality and more enjoyable smoking session.
The Shishavac has four main functions:
Clean Your Hookah Pipe Hose Effectively
Any Hookah smoker knows cleaning a Hookah Pipe Hose well is next to impossible. It's commonly used until it's replaced, never thoroughly enjoyed through most of its uses. But what goes unknown is the amount of Hookah Tobacco particulates and reactive buildup that accumulate inside the hookah hose as it is used. Condensation from smoking creates moist surfaces on the interior of the Hookah Hose. Then as you're smoking, the moist interior rusts the hose coil and collects particles that eventually dry up. When the hookah hose is bent when put away and taken out and moved around while smoking, these tiny particulates become loose later to be inhaled. These particulates are no doubt unhealthy, but can also cause displeasing odors to linger inside the hookah hose, discomfort and throat irritation.
The Shishavac now allows Hookah smokers to conveniently use a high power blower to blast out particulates before they are inhaled. To protect the motor, the particulates are trapped into a dust filter, so you can even see all that is removed from your hookah hose. Using the Shishavac before and after every smoke greatly reduces these particulates, increasing hookah hose life and considerably enhancing the quality of your smoke every time.
Start Your Hookah Pipe Effortlessly
No more huffing and puffing to get your Hookah Pipe going - all it takes is a simply push on the port with your hookah hose tip and in no time you'll be ready to enjoy your smoke. The adjustable port accommodates Hookah Pipes with varying amounts of water, a practical feature for small cafes and homes with multiple Hookah Pipes. The Shishavac's starter also checks for loose particles in the hookah hose, ensuring that your smoke will be clean and particle free.
Burn Hookah Charcoal Neatly And Safely
Burning Natural Hookah Charcoal can be an absolute mess. Because of this, people have generally resorted to synthetic round briquettes, compromising the quality of their Hookah smoke. The Shishavac restores that quality by burning natural hookah charcoal so cleanly and safely, it can now be done at the convenience of your kitchen countertop. Included with each Shishavac is a durable, beautifully custom designed 1.5 cup hookah charcoal basket with a high-temperature coating so it retards corrosion. The hookah charcoal basket sits comfortably over the burner and turns a full basket of hookah charcoal into embers in just minutes. And if you're worried about the dust and sparks associated with burning hookah charcoal, you will be relieved to learn the Shishavac contains a screen smoke filter located on the top of the burner chimney. This filter traps dust, suffocates fire and blocks sparks, making the task of preparing Hookah Charcoal more pleasant than ever.
Operating the burner is extremely simple and intuitive. Just turn the control knob to the amount of charcoal you've placed in the basket and when it's finished a beeping alarm will sound. Just remove the basket from the burner and the embers are ready to go.
Dry Hookah Parts
If you're using a Washable Hookah Hose, you'll see the same problems arise with dried particulates. To prevent this, after washing your Hookah Hose, you can now use the Shishavac blower port to dry the hose. This port can also be used for drying the Hookah Pipe stem to prevent mildew accumulation. Drying parts after cleansing with water makes noticeable differences to both the life of your Hookah Pipe and the quality of your smoke.
Shishavac Hookah Preparation System Specs
Brand Shishavac
Size 46 cm (H) x 29 cm (D) x 34 cm (W)
Weight Approximately 17.6 Pounds (8 Kg)
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturers Warranty One Year Manufacturers Warranty For Personal Use Against Defects In Quality and Workmanship
Voltage 120V - Uses Standard NEMA Plug
Safety Certifications CE, SASO, cETLus, GOST-R
Included Parts Shishavac Air Filter, Shishavac Smoke Filter, Charcoal Basket, Charcoal Basket Tray, Charcoal Basket Plate, Power Cord, Instruction and Owners Manual

Customer Reviews(1)

I just recently purchased this after months of debating over it and wow am i surprised! its awesome. the product cleans your hoses but you do have to get the technique right. the directions are pretty good but they should specify how to insert the air filter and how to properly work the machine. but besides that this product was truly worth the money!
Review by Steve Calello from New Jersey United States
Posted 19 Apr 2013
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