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Hookah Tips

Tips of the Week

These suggestions will assist a beginner Hookah user with becoming more knowledgeable about the Hookah and allow them to experiment with enhancing the overall smoking experience.


Aluminum Foil has two sides and one side is shinier than the other. Put the shiny side down to reduce carcinogen intake and reflect heat better. You can always use Hookah Foil to enhance your Hookah smoking experience.

Do you have your own special hookah tips and tricks that help make your smoking experience more enjoyable? We'd love to hear your ideas so we can share them with the world.

Please enjoy these tips and tricks that Hookah smokers from around the world have submitted to us for publication. These suggestions will assist a beginner Hookah user with becoming more knowledgeable about the Hookah and allow them to experiment with enhancing the overall smoking experience.

  1. Fill your vase with Water and then fill the remaining space with Milk for a thicker smoke. Make sure to fill the vase so that the down tube is submerged no more than one inch in the liquid.

  2. Shred your Hookah Tobacco as much as possible to allow for more air flow and an overall better smoking experience.

  3. Make sure that the Quick lighting coals have completely started up before placing the Coals on the top of the bowl.

  4. Add Rose Syrup. Adding chilled Rose Syrup mixed with water in the hookah gives it a cooler and more pleasant smelling smoke.

  5. For folks having trouble with blowing smoke rings, just pretend that you are coughing with your mouth open. The motion of coughing gives out a perfect smoke ring! You can also use the round cardboard cylinder in toilet paper rolls to blow smoke for smoke rings.

  6. After putting in the shisha and covering it with aluminum foil, pierce holes in the inner part of the foil instead of all over the foil. Also don't pierce too many holes. One charcoal is enough to give a long smoke and its better tasting too.

  7. To achieve better flavor, after you have packed your bowl, cover it with aluminum foil (without holes), flip it backwards and let it sit for a few minutes. This will make sure the tobacco at the top layer is wetter before you burn. You can now take off the aluminum foil; start by flicking it to drop any shisha pieces which might cling to it and slide the foil across the bowl in a clockwise motion spreading the juice stuck to the foil evenly around the shisha. You may now use a new foil (Or wipe the previous one clean of ANY shisha juice), poke holes on the aluminum, and start smoking. This provides the juice of the shisha to slowly seep through the bottom thanks to gravity as the shisha is burning which constantly slows the tobacco burn providing you with the maximum fruit flavor.

  8. Try placing one glow stick in the vase of the Hookah if you are interested in experiencing a cool lighting effect. Please make sure that the glow stick is not damaged in any way before placing it in the vase of the Hookah.

  9. To allow the Flavored Tobacco to taste fresher and last longer, place the Flavored Tobacco in an air tight container. Do not place the container in the refrigerator, as it will ruin the Flavored Tobacco. Instead, store the container in a cupboard at room temperature.

  10. To enhance your smoking experience, try mixing different flavors of tobacco in the Bowl. Try your own mix or use one of the mixes we have created: Strawberry/Banana, Peach/Melon, Apple/Strawberry, Mint/Any Flavor. If you have a good recipe, share it with the world by contacting our customer service center, and letting them know.

  11. For a fruitier smoke, mix berries with the water in the Glass Base.

  12. If you are looking for a cooler, more enjoyable smoking experience, place some ice cubes in the Glass Base.

  13. To enhance your smoking experience, try mixing Lemon Juice, Cranberry Juice, or Wine with the water in the Glass Base.

  14. Using Tin Foil over the Metal Bowl Screen will allow for the Flavored Tobacco to evaporate more efficiently.

  15. Before and after every smoke, blow into the Hose to clear the Hookah chamber of stale smoke.

  16. If you are looking for an extra cool smoke, place your Glass Base into the freezer for a couple of minutes, until a small layer of ice forms on top of the water. Do not leave your Glass Base in the freezer for too long, as the Glass may crack.

  17. Clean your Hookah using the Cleaning Brushes after every smoke. This will allow for your Hookah to last much longer.

  18. Use lukewarm water to ease the removal of smoke residue that builds up on the inside of the Hookah Hose and Shaft.

  19. Placing the Hookah on the ground will prevent the Hookah from being tipped over.

  20. If you have a dark colored Glass Base and your Hookah sits on top of a low glass table, try using a small lamp or a couple of candles to create a relaxing view of the bubbles and smoke inside the Base.

  21. Use a small carrying case, such as a kids lunch box to store all necessary items to smoke with the Hookah. This makes your Hookah smoking experience much more convenient.

  22. If the Quicklighting Charcoal is almost completely used up, place a new Quicklighting Charcoal on top of the old one to keep your smoking session going.

  23. A rotating platform can be placed underneath the Hookah to make it easier to maneuver when smoking with large groups. This will prevent Hookah users from being severely burnt.

  24. If you have a special spot that you normally smoke in, it is possible to make a Hookah holder using a old, low end table. Cut a hole in the table, and elevate the Hookah so that the Glass Base fits perfectly inside the table. Make sure that the Shaft is right above the hole when making the hole. This will prevent the Hookah from being tipped over.

  25. When smoking Al-Waha's Orange Flavored Tobacco, pour a small amount of Orange Juice into the Glass Base, diluting it with water. This will allow for a more Orange flavored smoke.

  26. Never try to light a Charcoal on top of the Hookah with a candle. The liquid wax will drip into the bowl and garnish the entire bowl with a wax taste and it becomes really hard to wash the wax off.

  27. If you think that the Hookah Charcoal is burning too hot, it is recommended that you use two pieces of Hookah Foil. However, the pieces of foil have to be really well sealed at the edges.

  28. If you have Egyptian Charcoal and you don't have a powerful heat source to light it, we recommend that you use a Quick Lighting Charcoal. Just burn one of the coals and place it directly on top of the natural charcoal finger. Make sure to start smoking the Hookah right away to assist in getting the natural charcoal going.

  29. Sometimes although you don't pack the Flavored Tobacco above the bowl the tobacco still burns sticking to the bottom of the tin foil. To prevent this, notice the carbon line around the bowl (around 1/6th of an inch thick black lining on regularly used bowls) if you press down the tobacco below the carbon line that's just enough space for the heat to reach its ideal 450F degree without giving you harsh smoke. Also icing the bottom vase makes thicker smoke, since most of the excited electrons inside the metal elements of the smoke (iron, copper and zinc) slow down and get heavier as temperature decreases making it harder for light to pass through eventually displaying a much thicker shisha cloud :)

  30. When lighting Hookah Charcoal, hold the coal with tongs not over the bowl but over the top tray until it is entirely ignited. That way you don't get the unlit black bottomed coal.

  31. Take Fantasia's Dragons Breath Tobacco flavor and mix 1/2 bootlegger (alcohol) green apple and 1/2 water in the base. This will create a taste like jolly ranchers.

Hookah Tips