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SmokePoints at

Experience the SmokePoints Rewards Program just by signing up for an account!

Earn Smoke Points for all of your online purchases with us and redeem them upon checkout. Take advantage of this benefit for your hookah shopping needs and for ultimate savings. Before you know it, your purchases will have earned you Smoke Points to redeem for your favorite Shisha Tobacco, Charcoals, and more!

What are SmokePoints? 

SmokePoints are a reward for making purchases or participating in activities or promotions sponsored by SmokePoints have no cash value and may only be awarded to customers located within the United States of America and International customers. From time to time, may, at its sole discretion, suspend SmokePoints Rewards in lieu of other seasonal discounts, incentives or promotions. During the pendency of these seasonal discounts, incentives or promotions customers will not earn Smoke Points Rewards.

How do I find out how many SmokePoints I have? 

You will be able to determine how many SmokePoints you have by signing into your account at With every purchase that you make at, your SmokePoints will be credited to your account and made viewable in the My Account section at You may also contact our Toll Free Customer Service Center at 888.57.SMOKE (888.577.6653) or send us an electronic inquiry via our Contact Us page to find out how many SmokePoints you have.

If you have not registered, you will not have an account or the ability to collect SmokePoints Rewards. If you would like to become a SmokePoints Rewards member, just sign up for an account at Remember, you must be at least 21 years of age in order to open an account at and earn SmokePoints.

How do I earn SmokePoints? 

You earn SmokePoints by doing the following:

  • Place an order at You will receive one SmokePoint for every eligible dollar spent on merchandise. If you cancel your order, no SmokePoints will be credited. If you return or exchange merchandise, reserves the right to adjust your SmokePoints balance accordingly based on the price difference resulting from a merchandise return or exchange.
  • Participate in promotions or other activities that offers SmokePoints as rewards.
  • Refer customers to You will receive up to 150 Smoke Points for referring friends, family, or other customers to The customer(s) that you refer must place a valid order at in order for you to receive SmokePoints. You must also have an account at and have placed an order with our company. It is up to whether SmokePoints are awarded for referring customers.

How do I redeem my points? 

Reward points can be redeemed during the checkout process when placing an order to receive a discount off of your total.

How does someone lose SmokePoints? 

A member can lose SmokePoints by doing any of the following:

  • By violating any part of the Terms of Service. Please review the Terms & Conditions.
  • A member can lose SmokePoints for participating in any activities that may be deemed suspicious. Logging in for friends, signing up people without their knowledge, account sharing, or having more than one account are all examples of cheating. The refusal or return of orders can also result in SmokePoints being lost.
  • A member will lose their account and be banned from if they are discovered to have either committed order fraud or used another's credit card without permission.
  • A member will lose SmokePoints if their account is banned or closed for any reason
  • A member will lose their account and be banned from if they are discovered to be under 21 years of age.

What rewards do I receive for earning SmokePoints? 

SmokePoints will be redeemable for automatic discounts on your online order at They also give you increased exposure on and help you gain even more perks as we add more features. SmokePoints have no cash value and may only be redeemed for automatic discounts at