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Classic Hookahs




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      Traditional Hookah Styles


      All of the traditional hookahs available at nod to the original and classic look and feel of how a hookah is supposed to be smoked. Pack your favorite flavor of shisha into the perfectly sized bowl, heat up your coals, and enjoy the same smooth smoke they have enjoyed since the first appearance of the hookah. The traditional hookahs available at offer all of the features you've come to know and love on your classically designed hookah but have been updated with the latest safety features and functionality that make owning a traditional hookah easier than ever.

      Classic Hookah

      The Traditional Hookahs on come take the classic designs and update them with added durability so you can enjoy that sweet smoke for years to come. Most of the classic hookahs are also convertible, meaning they can transform from one-hose hookahs into multiple-hose hookahs in no time at all. That means added enjoyment of a longer smoke session with a close group of friends at home or at your favorite Hookah Bar! Whatever style you desire, we are sure we have the traditional hookah you are looking for. We have a multitude of sizes and colors, so we're confident you will find what you need at If you're not seeing exactly what you need on our Traditional Hookah page, try browsing our huge selection of other hookahs and hookah accessories! We're here to make sure you find the perfect hookah for you!

      Where are traditional hookahs made?


      Most authentic traditional hookahs are made in the Middle East, but more predominately in Egypt. There is also a market for Turkish style hookahs that offer a slightly different appearance than the Egyptian counterpart.

      What type of materials are used for traditional hookahs?


      Stainless steel and brass lead the way for traditional style hookahs. This style of hookah will often feature hand engraved details made directly onto the metal surface. These hookahs are built to last with proper maintenance, and can be restored with polish to reveal the peak brightness and shine.