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Acrylic Hookahs




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      Acrylic hookahs = no more broken glass


      Styled like traditional hookahs, the acrylic hookah offers the familiar smooth smoke and classic good looks of other hookahs on The screw-on style acrylic hookah base is air-tight to ensure a thick and smooth smoke during each use. Many of the bases offer a revolutionary new design without sacrificing a traditional look. The new design of the acrylic base allows for more smoke build up while the bowl is designed with a little extra room to pack in more of your favorite flavor of shisha. Many of the acrylic hookahs on can also be converted into multi-hose hookahs, so you can enjoy the hookah experience with a round of friends. And if you have a rowdy friend that accidentally knocks the hookah over, remember, it's acrylic. it is basically indestructible.

      Strong Acrylic Glass Hookah Vase

      The acrylic hookah base is virtually indestructible and is able to withstand a great deal of use without showing many signs of wear. Have you ever been afraid of taking your hookah outside of your home for any reason? Put those fears to bed when you purchase one of the acrylic hookahs available on These hookahs will last you a long time, ensuring proper shisha smoking sessions for many, many years to come.

      Buy An Acrylic Hookah at

      Browse the acrylic hookah collection available at and smoke safe and sound knowing you bought the strongest hookah on the market. Not finding what you're looking for still? At, we're confident we have the hookah or hookah accessory for you. Please visit our online store and contact us if you have any questions. We want you to be ultimately satisfied with your purchase!

      What kind of hose do you need for acrylic hookahs?


      Our acrylic hookah collection will allow for the use of most traditional hookah hoses on the market. We recommend that you use a hose grommet to ensure an air tight seal

      Does the color fade on acrylic hookahs?


      The coloring on our acrylic hookahs is infused with the material itself. Since this coloring is not applied directly on the acrylic exterior, it can endure all the processes of a traditional hookah without losing any color.