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Small Hookahs




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      Small Hookah, Big Shisha Experience


      Small hookahs can be a great first hookah or a daily driver for even the most experience hookah smokers! Perfect for travel, smoking on-the-go or a table top session while you multitask. The size of your hookah has no effect on how big your clouds are or the flavor you get from shisha tobacco. You can get a full hookah experience from the smallest of water pipes. In the Small Hookahs category, find shisha pipes up to 22 inches tall. Hookahs small enough to pack in a travel bag and take on vacation, to a party with friends or camping in the woods. Small and mini hookahs are convenient and durable hookah water pipes for a fraction of the cost of taller hookahs while you still get all of the shisha flavor and clouds. Find a small hookah from popular brands like Khalil Mamoon, Mya Saray, Econo Mya and Vapor Hookahs at SouthSmoke!

      Benefits of a Mini Hookah

      Perfect for table top smoking sessions, small hookahs do not take up much space and allow shisha smokers to converse without the hookah getting in the way. A great feature for hookah lounges or bars and a benefit to smoking mini hookahs at home. The small hookah size allows you to smoke shisha while doing other activities like playing games, working at a desk, or watching a movie. Mini hookahs fit in smaller areas and the chances of knocking one over are drastically smaller than large hookahs. Small hookahs are budget friendly as well! Save money with a pipe that smokes just as well as any tall hookah. Also great for travel and smoking on-the-go, small hookahs have many benefits over tall hookahs. Easily pack your mini shisha pipe in a travel back and take it anywhere!

      Smoke Anywhere with a Portable Hookah

      A mini hookah set or portable hookah cup like the Vapor Slender or Downy pipes are great for smoking away from home! A portable hookah can be classified as any small hookah that is easy to pack or carry and can be smoked at any location. The portable hookah options at SouthSmoke include shisha pipes from brands like Vapor Hookahs and Econo Mya. Buy a portable hookah pipe online for your next shisha adventure!

      Buy All Hookah Sizes at

      SouthSmoke carries hookahs of all styles and sizes, ranging from mini to extra tall! Find a mini hookah like the cube shaped Vapor Bunker for a stable shisha pipe that you can take anywhere or go for a large Khalil Mamoon Prince Hookah for a more traditional feel and anything in between. Find a hookah size that smokes best with your lifestyle at at the best prices around.

      Do Small Hookahs Work as well as Large Hookahs?


      A small hookah will provide a hookah session just as enjoyable as any tall hookah at a fraction of the price and less chance of unwanted tip-overs. There is no difference in cloud or flavor output between the sizes of hookahs.

      Does the Size of Your Hookah Matter?


      Personal preference is the only difference when deciding between a small hookah and a large hookah. Each has their advantages and disadvantages but when it comes to quality of smoking session, they are on the same level.

      Is Smoke from Small Hookahs Harsh?


      The size of the hookah has no effect on the harshness of smoke. The method in which shisha tobacco is packed and the amount of heat produced by hookah charcoal controls the quality of a hookah session. The harsh tasting smoke is created from burning hookah shisha.

      How Long Does a Mini Hookah Last?


      The size of your hookah will have no effect on how long your hookah session lasts. Many factors play into the duration of a smoking session including type of hookah charcoal, amount of coals and shisha tobacco and how often you take puffs and how long those puffs are. An average hookah session is anywhere from 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

      What is a Portable Hookah?


      A portable hookah or mini hookah set is any hookah that is small enough to be packed away or carried for a discreet smoking session in a location of your choice. This includes cup hookahs, cube hookahs or any other small hookah pipe.