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Large Hookahs




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      Make a statement with our large hookahs


      Explore our curated collection of large-size hookahs designed for those who love hosting unforgettable gatherings, showcasing exceptional pieces, and relishing the craftsmanship that defines these majestic models. At SouthSmoke, we understand that your space is not just a venue; it's a canvas for creating remarkable memories. Step into the world of luxury and shared enjoyment with our selection of large-size hookahs, where each piece is not just a smoking apparatus but a visual spectacle. Meticulously crafted and attention-grabbing, these hookahs serve as both functional marvels and captivating centerpieces, setting the stage for sophistication at every gathering.

      Invite the friends

      For avid entertainers, our large hookahs from SouthSmoke add an unparalleled touch of elegance to your space. Elevate your hosting game and engage in conversations around these statement pieces that not only enhance your decor but also ignite discussions about culture, craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of hookah traditions. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our large-size hookahs at SouthSmoke pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of hookah smoking. Immerse yourself in the traditions of shisha with these masterfully crafted pieces, each telling a unique story through its intricate design and cultural significance. Every draw becomes a journey, and every exhale echoes the centuries-old tradition.

      Do small hookahs work as well as large hookahs?


      A small hookah will provide a hookah session just as enjoyable as any tall hookah at a fraction of the price and less chance of unwanted tip-overs. There is no difference in cloud or flavor output between the sizes of hookahs.

      Does the size of your hookah matter?


      Personal preference is the only difference when deciding between a small hookah and a large hookah. Each has their advantages and disadvantages but when it comes to quality of smoking session, they are on the same level.

      What is the biggest size hookah?


      Traditional hookahs like Khalil Mamoon are usually taller. The largest hookah at is the Khalil Mamoon Lebnani hookah standing at 43 inches tall.

      What sizes do hookahs come in?


      Typically, hookahs are categorized by large, medium and small sizes. Small hookahs also include mini hookahs, tabletop hookahs, and portable hookahs. Tall hookahs are more traditional while medium and small hookahs are a more modern trend.