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4 Hose Hookah




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      4 Hose Hookah: Smoking for a Social Era


      With a 4 hose hookah, your smoke sessions just became a lot more social! A 4 hose hookah features four separate hoses means each smoker can have their own hose without having to pass one around. Four hookah hoses can support a large group of smokers in a social setting and get-togethers.

      The four hose hookah was invented to meet the needs of the modern hookah lover. Traditionally, hookah was meant to be enjoyed with a single hose. But in this day and age, where social gatherings are a major part of how we spend our free time, a four hose hookah is perfectly suited for our needs! Multiple hoses allows you to invite over a much larger group of friends to enjoy hookah.

      There's no waiting involved with a four hose hookah! A four hose hookah avoids experiencing any downtime when waiting for the hose to get passed back to you. Although all four smokers can't smoke exactly at the same time, a four hose hookah is designed to provide a clear, smooth taste for everyone.

      Experience the Convenience of a Four Hose Hookah

      You're used to paying for more-more features usually means shelling out more money. But with our hookahs, you can actually save a few bucks. Many of our single, 2, or 3 hose hookahs easily convert into a hookah with four hoses. All you have to do is reconfigure the stem adapter that comes with most hookahs. It's a great way to save!

      Saving money sometimes means you have to skimp on quality. That's not the case with the hookahs at select top brands to ensure you get a great purchase. Vapor Hookahs and Mya Saray are two major brands that manufacture top-of-the-line four hose hookahs. High quality glass and metal materials make up each hookah. Many feature never-before-seen designs that truly make your hookah purchase a unique work of art.

      Make your choice with Whether you need a hookah with four hoses or a smaller configuration, you'll find what you need from our four hose selection. Contact us if you need assistance finding the perfect hookah for your needs.

      What is a 4 hose hookah?


      A 4 hose hookah offers four individual hoses all connected to one hookah allowing multiple people to smoke from the same pipe. Majority of multiple hose hookahs require all users to plug their hose when not smoking to allow one person to inhale properly.

      Do 4 hose hookahs smoke as well as a single hose hookah?


      When smoking alone, it is always recommended to use a single hose hookah as they provide a more air-tight hookah session. You may also share your single hookah hose with friends by using a plastic hose tip. Most 4 hose hookahs require all but one smoker to plug their hose while others smoke.

      Are multiple hose hookahs worth it?


      Multi-hose hookahs can be enjoyable when used in a social gathering but a single hose hookah will always provide a better smoke quality due to less chances of are leaking out through the multiple hose adapters.