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3 Hose Hookah




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      Enjoy the Easy Conversion of a Three Hose Hookah


      A 3 hose hookah pipes offer greater flexibility than one hose hookah pipes. A 3 hose hookah allows for groups of hookah users to share a single hookah with ease. Many hookah smokers looking to share the experience of shisha tend to steer toward multiple hose hookahs.

      Sometimes you want the option to have a smaller, more intimate hookah session. Many three hose hookahs may be converted to a two hose hookah or one hose hookah by utilizing a pressure release valve and stem cap in place of the hookah hose adapter port. And if you're making room for more at your hookah lounge, 3 Hose Hookahs can usually be converted into 4 hose capable hookah models depending on the flexibility that the hookah model may offer. Whether you increase or decrease the number of hookah hoses, choosing a 3 hose hookah model is a great start.

      Three Hose Hookahs Come in a Range of Styles

      Now that you've decided on a three hose hookah, you'll want to choose a style and design that suits you. Will you choose a tall exotic Mya Saray hookah with a crystal-clear glass vase? Or a Vapor hookah with intricate painted designs that are as appealing as any art piece? You'll find 3 hose hookahs that meet both of these needs.

      Exotic, modern, and traditional style 3 hose hookahs are available at in a range of sizes. Made from high quality materials, these hookahs will provide you with years of enjoyment.

      Most 3 hose Hookahs contain auto seal capability whereby the additional hose ports are automatically sealed when one of the hookah users is not smoking, allowing for a smooth transition between each hookah smoker. Make sure to browse the many different hookah configurations offered at when deciding on the next Hookah purchase. Just look for the "multi-hose capability" seal on each product page!

      Find a Flexible 3 Hose Hookah at!

      Remember that three hose hookahs allow the users to smoke one after another, but not at the same exact time. But don't let this put a damper on your excitement for 3 hose hookahs! Hookahs with multiple hoses are still a convenient way to increase how many people you can have at the hookah.

      If you need help finding one that meets all of your requirements, please contact us!

      Do all 3 hookah hose work at the same time?


      In most of our three hose hookah setups you'll be able to have multiple people inhale at the same time. The key feature that you're looking for in multi-hose hookahs is a "built purge" component. This piece will allow smoke to travel when needed and prevent air flow loss in your other hoses if they're not in use.