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2 Hose Hookah




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      Why You Should Try a 2 Hose Hookah


      A two hose hookah offers you a smooth smoke that you can enjoy with others. Its big appeal is that you can smoke without having to pass the hose around. Many have found this single feature an irresistible convenience. A two hose hookah lets you make the most of each hookah session, with maximum enjoyment possible for each smoker.

      Please note that two hose Hookahs allow the users to smoke one after another, but not at the exact same exact time. Most 2 hose Hookahs feature an auto seal system that automatically seals the extra ports when one of the hookah users is not smoking. This allows for a smooth transition between each hookah smoker. Many two hose hookahs may be converted to a one hose Hookah by utilizing a pressure release valve in place of the hookah hose adapter port. 2 Hose Hookahs can usually be converted into 3 hose and 4 hose capable hookah models depending on the flexibility that the hookah model may offer.

      Select Your 2 Hose Hookah from These Top Brands

      Vapor Hookahs is a popular manufacturer of 2 hose hookahs. Vapor specializes in glass hookahs, and theirs are among the best on the market. Both soft glass and all glass hookahs are available in two hose configurations. Hookah vets and beginners alike love Vapor for their sleek designs. Order one and see for yourself!

      Mya Saray is another major 2 hose hookah brand. These exquisitely designed pieces feature durable glass vases in a variety of interesting shapes. Some people have been known to keep Mya Saray hookahs as art pieces. That doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy yours as a functional 2 hose hookah! Give one a try today.

      At, we give you the options to make a purchase you're comfortable with. Make sure to browse the many different hookah configurations when deciding on your next hookah purchase.

      Can you add a hose to a hookah?


      Many single hose hookahs have a removable purge valve that can be replaced with a hose adapter thus modifying the hookah into a 2-hose hookah. You may also buy multiple hose hookahs that are already set up for more than one hose.

      How do I add a second hose to my hookah?


      If your hookah includes a removable purge valve, you can replace the valve with a hose adapter which will allow for a second hose to be added to your hookah.

      Do 2 hose hookahs smoke as well as a single hose hookah?


      When smoking alone, it is always recommended to use a single hose hookah as they provide a more air-tight hookah session. You may also share your single hookah hose with friends by using a plastic hose tip. Most 2 hose hookahs require one smoker to plug their hose while others smoke.