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Vapor Glass Hookahs

Crafted completely in high-quality glass, Vapor Hookahs offer artful design with these modern hookah pipes for a unique twist on the traditional hookah pipe.

Vapor Glass Hookahs




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      Vapor Glass Hookahs FAQS


      The Vapor Glass Hookah brand is part of a new generation of premium hookahs available from Redefining the very idea of hookah perfection, Vapor glass hookahs have turned the industry on its head. Curious to see what the all-glass hookah sensation is all about? Vapor glass hookahs are a great entry point into this trend, and they are likely to be your endpoint too. This is because the quality and commitment Vapor puts into their glass hookahs is simply unmatched by the majority of hookahs on the market.

      Vapor makes 100% all-glass hookahs. Each is made from laboratory-grade, hand-blown glass. No rubber grommets or non-permanent parts are involved in its construction, meaning you're only getting the purest smoke possible from a truly all-glass hookah. However, the construction of each Vapor hookah is the only thing they share, as each offers you a completely unique design and smoke experience. Browse our extensive selection now!

      Choose from a Variety of Vapor Glass Hookah Styles

      Vapor Glass Hookahs come in many different shapes and sizes while offering you the most eye-catching modern and contemporary styles. You'll never find yourself lacking for company when you bring out your Vapor glass hookah. These striking hookah pieces demand immediate attention from anyone who sees them.

      We have hookahs capable of supporting many smokers at once. The Torpedo is one of the most popular Vapor hookahs for sale at A four-hose hookah featuring a non-traditional thick glass vase, the Torpedo offers you the ultimate way to enjoy hookah with a big group of friends. Or if smaller sessions are more your style, the Vapor Harmony glass hookah supports up to two hoses for intimate hookah smoking.

      Or if you're looking to truly impress, try a Vapor Gladiator glass hookah. Standing at 22" tall and with a four-hose capacity, the Gladiator can accommodate even the largest groups of discerning hookah smokers.

      Vapor Hookahs, Available at

      Experience the pleasure of smoking one of the many Vapor Glass Hookahs available at Once you experience the unique smoking concept of a Vapor all-glass hookah, you might find it very hard to go back to the traditional ways of smoking hookah.

      Glass hookahs are as easy to clean as they are great to smoke. All Vapor Glass Hookahs can be easily broken down for effortless cleaning and storage. To experience one of these one-of-a-kind hookahs, make your selection at today!

      What is a Vapor Glass Hookah?


      Vapor Hookahs produces a line of all-glass hookahs made primarily for smoking shisha tobacco. Vapor Glass Hookahs are known to be the best way to enjoy pure shisha flavor with the airtight seals of glass on glass connections.

      Do glass hookahs smoke better?


      The benefit of an all-glass hookah is the absence of all metal materials and rubber grommets that could taint the shisha smoke. Glass on glass connections create an airtight seal throughout the shisha pipe for an unrivaled smoke. The cleanest, purest hookah smoking session available.

      What are the best glass hookah brands?


      Vapor Glass Hookahs produces premium all-glass hookahs with laboratory grade, hand-blown glass. Single hose and multiple hose glass hookahs are available in many different shapes and sizes.