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Econo MYA 

Get all of the superior craftsmanship expected from MYA Saray at a budget-friendly price.

Econo Mya Hookahs




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      Econo Mya Hookahs FAQ


      Staying true to the look and feel of the Mya Hookah brand, Mya Econo hookahs come in traditional and exotic varieties. From classic, tall-stem Mya hookahs to compact, multi-hose hookahs for social smoking on the go, Mya's Econo hookah series has something for everyone. Made from quality, durable materials and hookah parts, these affordable hookahs will let you pay less but have no less of an experience when you smoke. After all, they're still the Mya brand you know and love! An Econo Mya hookah offers you all the superior style and craftsmanship that is expected from Mya Saray hookahs but at a budget-friendly price. We at are proud to offer many of this brand's amazing hookahs, now at a price you can afford.

      Shop Your Ideal Econo Mya Hookah

      Any Econo Mya Hookah you choose will add style and sophistication your smoke sessions. However, we know everyone has their own tastes and smoking style. That's why we offer such a comprehensive variety of Econo hookahs. For example, you can enjoy the smooth smoke coming from the hose of the classically-designed Econo Mya Thunder. The vase of this hookah looks like its made from dazzling crystal, however, it is actually a high quality, durable glass. You may also choose to appreciate the revolutionary design of the glass bowl of the Econo Mya Diablo. You might expect this 24" hookah to set you back quite a bit, but of course it's made with your needs in mind. These are just a few of the hookahs in the Econo Mya line that includes several mini Mya Hookahs. carries Econo Mya Hookahs suited for all types of smokers and all types of budgets. Whatever your taste, Mya Hookahs has you covered.

      Choose Mya for a Hookah You Can Count On

      Econo Mya hookahs still let you stand out from the crowd - but without breaking your wallet. When used as your primary hookah or as a decorative art piece, these hookahs capture the essence of Mya Hookahs' premium line. Best of all, these hookahs still carry the Mya name, so you know you're getting a top-of-the-line product. Mya has been producing only the finest of hookahs and hookah accessories for over 40 years, and they have taken their innovation to new heights with the flashy, affordable Econo line.

      Like our other Mya hookahs, each Econo Mya hookah you order will come with free hookah accessories to help you have the best smoke possible. These include rubber grommets, a washable hose, premium charcoal tongs, as well as a carrying case or retail style box. Many single-hose Econo Mya hookahs are able to be converted into 2, 3, or 4 hose hookahs, so you can maximize your socializing while you enjoy your hookah!

      Are Econo Mya Hookahs good hookahs?


      An Econo Mya Hookah offers all of the superior style and craftmanship as other Mya Saray Hookahs but at a budget friendly price by using more cost-effective materials in production. Econo Mya Hookahs are great quality and last a very long time if taken care of properly.

      What is an Econo Mya Hookah?


      The Econo Mya Hookah line is produced by the world-renowned Mya Saray brand. They are budget-friendly hookah pipes for smoking shisha tobacco. There are many Econo Mya models in different sizes, shapes, and colorways to choose from.

      What is the best Econo Mya Hookah?


      The Econo Mya QT and the Econo Mya Gelato are some of the most popular hookahs in the world. Known for being great quality hookahs at an even better price point. Many hookah lounges, hookah stores, and tobacco shops carry the Econo Mya QT and Gelato hookahs.