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Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal




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      Find your favorite quick light coal!


      Every hookah lover has their favorite brands. Choosing hookah coals is no different. Although each offers you the advantage of starting your hookah sessions more quickly, different brands of coals let you choose the one you prefer most.

      Miraculum is one of the most popular quick light hookah coals. Made in Holland, Miraculum uses a unique formula that offers a consistent burn for better heat. Available in single roll or ten roll boxes.

      Three Kings is widely considered to be the original quick lighting brand, so you know you can rely on them for a quality smoke. No odor or charcoal taste with Three Kings coal just delicious hookah flavor.

      You can also find top brands like Starbuzz and Fantasia. All these brands have joined the quick light coal market to offer smokers a reliable name they can trust.

      If you are traveling or looking for the ideal coals for your hookah lounge, or even if you just want a faster way to smoke, hookah quick light coals are a great choice. Order yours now or contact usat 888-577-6653 so we can help you find the best product for you!

      Why Use Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal?

      Tired of waiting for your hookah session to begin? Quick light coals may be what you need. They are the hookah coal of choice for thousands of smokers across the world. Quick light coals let you spend more time doing what you love and less time waiting. Here are a couple of reasons to use them over standard coals:

      They are convenient. Quick light coals can be heated up with nothing more than your lighter. You can apply heat more effectively with a torch lighter, but whatever your method, these coals are designed to add convenience to every hookah smoke session.

      They are cost-efficient. Want more from your hookah coals? You can get 60 to 90 minute sessions for only a few coals. Quick light coals let you maximize your hookah time and can even save you money in the long run.

      What is Quick Light Charcoal?


      Quick light coals for hookah are charcoal that can be lit quickly. Some charcoal brands in as little as 30 seconds with an open flame like a torch or cigarette lighter. Benzene, a flammable chemical, or another accelerant is used in production to help quick light charcoal ignite itself. Be sure to fully light your coals to burn off all quick lighting chemicals before smoking.

      How Long Do Quick Light Coals Last?


      A single quick lighting charcoal for hookah will typically last 30-45 minutes when smoking regularly. Most hookah smokers will use one quick light coal at a time and simply replace it on their hookah bowl when the coal is finished.

      How Do You Light Quick Light Charcoal?


      Quick light charcoal is very easy and convenient to light with any open flame. Many hookah smokers choose to light quick light coals with a hand held lighter or torch. Use hookah tongs to hold the coal and hold over an open flame until fully lit and all accelerant has burned off.

      What is Quick Light Charcoal Made Out Of?


      Quick light charcoal circles, rings or briquettes are made with compressed charcoal dust and are coated with a flammable chemical or accelerant. Usually, sulfur or benzene is used to help the hookah charcoal light quickly.