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Coconut Charcoal




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      Coconut Charcoal for Hookah


      Coconut charcoal is the most popular style of natural hookah coals on the market. Check out our Coco Nara and Coco Mazaya brands of natural coconut hookah coals and take the hookah smoking experience to the next level.

      e also handmade using modern and traditional patterns. Base colors are original commodities of the glass and no base is artificially colored providing vibrant colors and elegance for years!

      All About Natural Hookah Coals

      Natural charcoal hookah coals are quickly becoming the most popular style of non-quick light hookah coals on the market. Since the creation of coconut charcoal, Coco Nara and Coco Mazaya have become household names that are synonymous with quality. You can also find coconut coals by Starbuzz, CocoUrth, and CocoVapor, to name a few.

      Coconut coals use coconut shells compressed into individual cubes. They are odorless, tasteless, and do not produce a lot of ash. They're perfect for keeping your hookah sessions tidy and lasting long into the night. Since these coals are so easy to replace, your hookah is always in prime condition.

      The Lasting Appeal of Natural Hookah Charcoal

      We know you're used to having lots of hookah charcoals to choose from. Don't worry, with coconut charcoal for hookah you still have lots of options. Aside from a wide variety of coconut coals, our selection also includes coals made from lemon wood and other natural materials.

      Unlike coals that are designed to heat up faster than normal, coconut hookah coals are for a more patient type of smoker. These coals are for smokers who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy hookah to the fullest. These coals typically give you 40-50 minutes of burning time per cube, letting you stretch your hookah sessions to their limits and maximize your flavor.

      Buy Coconut Charcoal At

      Want to try natural hookah charcoal? Take your pick from our wide selection! Coconut coals are an excellent choice that are sure to impress. Try out a stick or two, and if you like how they perform you can grab a whole box for your future hookah sessions. Be sure to contact us online or call 888-577-6653 if you have any questions!

      How Long Does Coconut Charcoal Last?


      There are many sizes and shapes to coconut charcoal but the average burn time for a single coconut charcoal cube is around 45 minutes. Coconut flats may be closer to 30 minutes. 2 to 3 coconut cubes will provide a hookah session for up to one and a half hours.

      How is Coconut Charcoal Made?


      Coconut charcoal is made from 100% all-natural coconut shells. Not a single tree is cut down in the manufacturing of natural hookah coals. Coconuts are picked from coconut tree plantations in tropical climates like Indonesia. Coconut husk is melted down into a paste and before the paste hardens, the coconut shell is compressed into coconut charcoal briquettes

      How Do You Light Coconut Charcoal for Hookah?


      Coconut charcoal must be fully lit with an electric coil coal burner. This usually takes about 6-8 minutes depending on the charcoal brand. Place coconut charcoal cubes or flats directly on the coal burner until the bottom is glowing red and then flip. Once the whole charcoal is glowing, it is ready to place on your hookah bowl!

      How Much Coconut Charcoal is needed to Smoke Hookah?


      2 to 3 coconut charcoal cubes will provide a hookah session for up to one and a half hours. Coconut charcoal flats may need 3 to 4 for the same duration. You may always light more coals to continue a hookah session that still has fresh shisha tobacco in the hookah bowl.