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      The Best Hookah Charcoal Brands


      Hookah charcoals are an important piece of the equation for a great hookah session. Trust the top charcoal brands at SouthSmoke to bring you consistent quality with each puff. We carry all of the top hookah charcoal brands including CocoUrth, CocoVapor, CocoNara, Three Kings, Charco Flare and many more. Expect top notch production, even heat distribution and no ill effects to your hookah session when you purchase hookah charcoal from

      Natural Coconut Charcoal Brands

      All-Natural coconut hookah charcoals are your best bet for a clean, full flavored smoke. Made using only organic ingredients like coconut shell, the production of these hookah coals is environment friendly and they burn much cleaner and longer! Coconut shell coals are available in several cuts including cubes, flats, hex and quarter circle from brands like CocoUrth Charcoal, CocoVapor, Charco Flare, Fantasia and many more. Experience the full flavor of your shisha tobacco when you use all-natural non quick light charcoal from SouthSmoke.

      Quick Lighting Charcoal Brands for Hookah

      Looking for a hookah charcoal that is more convenient? Check out our selection of quick lighting charcoal from brands such as Three Kings Charcoal, Flash, Crown Charcoal, Ring Charcoal and Starbuzz. Quickly light these hookah coals with an open flame and get your hookah session going in no time. Using benzene (a very flammable chemical) as an accelerant, quick light charcoal can come in handy when smoking outdoors or traveling. Be sure to fully light the coal to burn off all flammable materials before smoking. When lit correctly, quick light coals can produce a convenient, enjoyable hookah session.

      What are the best hookah charcoal brands?


      All of them! We here to give you the best of the best! That means we don't stock brands that we don't believe in. You'll find a wide spanning collection of hookah charcoal shapes using the highest quality material available. Have the best hookah sessions with us.