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Get the most flavor out of your shisha with a clean-burning hookah charcoal from Vapor. Choose from all-natural coconut coals or quick-lighting options. 

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      CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal Cubes


      CocoVapor Hookah Coals are non-quick lighting hookah charcoal made with all natural, compressed coconut shells. Coco Vapor Cube Coals light up much quicker than most competitors even without the use of flammable chemicals. These charcoal cubes are all natural and need to be lit on a preheated electric coil burner. Average lighting times are between 6 and 8 minutes. Odorless, tasteless and natural, CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal do not affect the flavor of your hookah shisha in any way. Consistent heat and little ash show the quality of this hookah charcoal. Use 2-3 fully lit charcoal cubes with hookah foil on your hookah bowl to enjoy your shisha to the fullest. CocoVapor Cubes are the perfect size to fit in your hookah heat management device as well!

      CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal Flats

      CocoVapor Charcoal Flats are just another option of top quality coconut charcoal from Vapor Hookahs. These coconut coal flats are half the size of the cubes, great for shorter sessions and an alternative way to distribute heat on your hookah head. They light up very quickly on an electric coil burner with light times of 3-4 minutes per charcoal flat--much quicker than other competitive hookah charcoal flats. Just like CocoVapor cubes, these flats are all natural and add no smell or taste to your hookah session. Slightly easier to manage heat as you can stand them on end or lay them flat. Stonehenge them or let them hang of the edge of your hookah bowl, the options are endless.

      Flash Quick Light Charcoal

      Flash Charcoal from Vapor Hookahs is a top quality quick light hookah charcoal. Designed specifically for hookah, Flash Hookah Coals are odorless and do not affect the flavor of your shisha tobacco in any way. Simply and quickly light these hookah coals with a torch or lighter in under a minute. A convenient way to smoke hookah anywhere! Flash Coals burn anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes per charcoal. Experience these fine quick light coals for hookah in 33mm and 40mm sizes in rolls and boxes. is Your #1 Source for Flash Charcoal and CocoVapor Coconut Coal for Hookah

      Buy CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal in Flats and Cubes as well as Flash Quick Light Hookah Coals at Pre-production tested and approved by VIPs throughout the hookah industry, CocoVapor Coals work for hookah beginners and enthusiasts alike. Pick up CocoVapor Cubes in 3 sizes including the sample size of the half kilogram 36 piece box, the full kilogram 72 piece box and the lounge case of 720 coconut cubes. The CocoVapor Flats are available in 2 sizes: including the half kilogram 54 piece box and 1 kilogram 108 piece box. The best quality natural coconut hookah charcoal in several sizes at budget prices. CocoVapor Hookah Charcoal is simply unbeatable. Buy hookah charcoal in your favorite cut right now at

      What are the benefits of CocoVapor Coconut Coals?


      Coconut charcoal benefits include but are not limited to longer hookah sessions with more flavor from your flavored tobacco, less ash and limited cracking throughout your smoke and better heat distribution over your shisha.

      What hookah charcoal styles are available from CocoVapor Charcoal?


      CocoVapor by Vapor Hookahs, produces coconut charcoal cubes and flats for smoking shisha tobacco. All-natural coconut shell charcoal that does not affect the smell or taste of your hookah.

      How do you light CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal?


      Coconut charcoal must be fully lit with an electric coil coal burner. This usually takes about 6-8 minutes for CocoVapor Charcoal cubes and 3-4 minutes for CocoVapor flats. Place coconut coals directly on the coal burner until the bottom is glowing red and then flip. Once the whole charcoal is glowing, it is ready to place on your hookah bowl!