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Three Kings Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

With over 60 years of experience, Three Kings coals have become one of the most popular quick-lighting charcoal options and are easily lit with any open flame to get smoking quickly.

Three Kings Charcoal




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      Three Kings Quick Light Charcoal


      The original quick-lighting hookah charcoal, 3 Kings has perfected the production of charcoal briquettes. Tried and true techniques to create a fast lighting hookah charcoal that holds no flavor of its own and has a smooth, long and even burn. Each disk shaped hookah charcoal can be lit easily and quickly using a simple, small open flame. Hold the coal with your hookah tongs and ignite using your handheld lighter, rotating until fully lit and glowing red.

      Three Kings Coconut Charcoal

      Three Kings has recently expanded into the world of non-quick lighting hookah charcoals! Natural coconut coals are made using all-natural coconut husks. Natural hookah charcoals contain no accelerants which makes for a cleaner burn. Odorless and flavorless, 3 Kings Coconut Charcoal won't affect the taste of your shisha tobacco. The compressed 33mm tablets maintain the classic Three Kings look while smoking like the more modern natural hookah charcoals on the market. Because these coals do not contain the flammable coating like quick-lights, they will need to be lit on an electric coil burner. Set the charcoal directly on the coils and let them heat until they are glowing red all the way through.

      Three Kings Rings Charcoal

      Designed for better airflow, 3 Kings Rings Charcoal are shaped to allow heat to circulate and stay lit for a longer hookah session. The larger surface area warrants more efficient combustion as well, cutting down on already short lighting times. Another benefit of the Three Kings Rings is that they burn a little warmer than other quick-light coals. This means less charcoal per hookah bowl! The ring shape also compliments vortex bowls and phunnel bowls well as they do not place heat directly over the center spire. Another great option from Three Kings Charcoal. is Your #1 Three Kings Charcoal Distributor

      As the largest 3 Kings supplier worldwide, is bringing you authentic Three Kings Charcoal in every shape and form. With a number of fake and mislabeled 3 Kings Charcoal out on the market, it's best to know who you are buying from. If you didn't purchase your Three Kings Coals from us, they probably aren't authentic. With the full line of hookah charcoal available for retail or Three Kings Charcoal wholesale, SouthSmoke has the quantities of 3 Kings Coals that you need. We have the ability to stock your hookah lounge or hookah store with cases, pallets and container sizes of the most popular hookah charcoal out there.

      What is Three Kings Charcoal Used For?


      Charcoal from the Three Kings Charcoal company is created specifically to be used for smoking shisha. 3 Kings has many hookah charcoal products to choose from including 33mm and 40mm quick light charcoal, quick lighting charcoal rings, and natural coconut charcoal for use with shisha tobacco.

      How Do You Light 3 Kings Charcoal?


      Three Kings quick light charcoal is very easy and convenient to light with any open flame. Many hookah smokers choose to light quick light coals with a hand held lighter or torch. Use hookah tongs to handle the coal and hold over an open flame until fully lit and all accelerants have burned off.

      Does Three Kings Charcoal Make Coconut Coals?


      Three Kings Charcoal recently added natural coconut coals for hookah to their product line of hookah charcoal. 3 Kings Coconut Coals are produced using all-natural coconut husks without accelerants for a cleaner burn.

      Where Can You Buy Three Kings Charcoal?


      The largest Three Kings Charcoal distributor in the world is Shop online for authentic 3 Kings Charcoal. SouthSmoke carries Three Kings quick light charcoal as well as ring charcoal and coconut coals. You can also purchase Three Kings Charcoal wholesale!