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Starbuzz Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

Start up your hookah in no time with these quick-lighting coals made by Starbuzz. Available in 35mm and 40mm sizes, and individual rolls or boxes, enjoy any type of shisha tobacco.  

Starbuzz Charcoal




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      Starbuzz Quick Light Coals


      Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Coals are among the most popular in the world of quick light charcoal, enjoyed by hookah beginners and enthusiasts alike. These quick light coals are manufactured with raw coconut, the best material to use in manufacturing hookah coals.

      Features and Benefits

      Quick light coals can fracture or become brittle during a hookah session, but not Starbuzz coconut quick lights. The materials used to make these coals combined with a high quality binding process makes Starbuzz the most durable instant light hookah coal on the market. Starbuzz charcoal rolls are individually wrapped so you don't have to worry about your coals being exposed to moisture. Starbuzz coals stay fresh and store perfectly right in the packaging until you're ready to use them.

      How to Light Starbuzz Quick Light Coals

      Starbuzz quick lights are not to be used with a coal burner or any kind of stove top heating element. These coconut coals require the use of a torch lighter or a single flame lighter. When lighting the coals, be sure to only apply heat for a short amount of time to begin the lighting process. If you are used to using quick light charcoal with your hookah but have never used Starbuzz quick lights, be aware that since the main ingredient is raw coconut, they might take a little more time to become fully lit. For the best flavor possible during your hookah session, wait until your coal is fully lit before placing it on your hookah bowl

      CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoal

      CocoBuzz natural hookah charcoal is yet another great product from the Starbuzz Tobacco brand. These all natural coconut hookah coals are produced with the same level of craftsmanship and premium quality materials we've come to expect from Starbuzz. CocoBuzz is a non-quick light coconut charcoal.

      Features and Benefits

      CocoBuzz hookah coals are made with natural compressed coconut husks and are 100% free from sulfur or any chemical additives. These coals are popular for their even heat distribution and consistency between cuts. Charcoals are compressed into individual cubes that produce very little ash. CocoBuzz coals are clean burning and long lasting. Great for longer hookah sessions.

      How to Light CocoBuzz Charcoal

      Starbuzz CocoBuzz coals do not contain any quick light chemicals and they require an open flame or electric coil burner to light properly.

      How many Starbuzz Coals are needed for a hookah session?


      No matter if you are using Starbuzz Instant Light Coals or CocoBuzz Charcoal, 2-3 coals should provide the best results when smoking shisha.

      Can you reuse Starbuzz Charcoal for hookah?


      CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoal can be reused if you put out the coal by placing it in water and then letting it completely dry before relighting for another hookah session.

      What hookah charcoal styles does Starbuzz make?


      Starbuzz Tobacco produces coconut charcoal under the name CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoal as well as quick light charcoal for hookah in 2 sizes. Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light Charcoal is available in 33mm and 40mm charcoal tablet sizes.