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Fantasia changed the hookah charcoal game with their unique air-flow pieces of coal, designed to allow maximum air circulation around the pieces for optimal heat output. Find them in Natural Wood, Instant-Lite, and Natural Coconut options. 

Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal




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      Fantasia Coconut Charcoal


      All-natural Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Coals are made using 100% coconut shell husks and compressed into uniquely shaped cubes designed specifically for use in hookah. Using only organic materials, Fantasia Charcoal is eco-friendly and chemical and additive free for a clean burning hookah session. These hookah coals produce no taste or smell when fully lit and do not affect the taste of your shisha in any way. Light up the unique Fantasia Air-Flow design and let your shisha flavors flourish.

      Fantasia Air Flow Charcoal Features & Benefits

      A non-quick lighting hookah charcoal that stands alone. Fantasia Air-Flow Coconut Charcoal is lit like any other natural coconut charcoal with an electric coil burner but it doesn't burn like the rest. A unique, patent-pending shape separates this hookah charcoal from the rest. An upside down "V" cut into each coal creates significantly more air flow and allows air to circulate keep the charcoal burning longer without the need to rotate. Even ash buildup, which is very little, will not affect the performance of the Fantasia Hookah Coal. Simply light and set on your hookah bowl for your most relaxing hookah session yet. Each hookah charcoal can burn up to 45 minutes for long hookah sessions.

      Fantasia Air-Flow Instant-Lite Charcoal

      Fantasia Hookah Tobacco has released their own version of quick light hookah charcoal with a twist. The Fantasia Air-Flow Instant-Lite uses the same creative technology as its natural charcoal counterpart but now in quick light coal form. Light these coals up quickly and easily using a small open flame or torch. Enjoy a full flavored hookah session as the Fantasia Instant-Light Coals have no taste or smell to affect your hookah shisha. The unique shape of these coals allows air to circulate underneath and keep them lit without rotating or removing even as ash builds up underneath! Each coal will burn up to 45 mins with minimal adjustments giving you the most effortless hookah session ever.

      Buy Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal at

      Pick up the most creative brand of hookah coals in Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal at Whether you like all-natural coconut charcoal or the convenience of quick light coals, SouthSmoke has the Fantasia Air-Flow Coals for you. Purchase Fantasia Instant-Lite Charcoal in 9 piece boxes and Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Charcoal in 9 and 45 piece boxes. The unique "V" shaped coal is something you must try to realize the benefits. Long-lasting, consistent heat, no taste and no smell, Fantasia Air-Flow Charcoal is the most convenient way to smoke hookah right now!

      Where are ATH Hookahs made?


      Adalya Tobacco is based in Turkey, where they produce the Adalya Tobacco Hookah line of shisha pipes and hookah equipment catered to the biggest enthusiasts created using high-quality materials and precision workmanship.

      Does Fantasia Tobacco make charcoal?


      To provide the best experience with their fan favorite hookah tobacco, Fantasia has manufactured their own collection of hookah charcoal.