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CocoUrth Natural Hookah Charcoal

These popular all-natural hookah coals from CocoUrth are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to acheive the purest flavor from your favorite shisha.

CocoUrth Charcoal




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      Add heat from the URTH!


      Committed to using only 100% coconut shell husks as the raw material for environment friendly products. Not a single tree is cut in the production of CocoUrth Coals. Coconut hookah charcoal that has a high calorific value using only the most organic materials like water and coconut. CocoUrth Charcoal does not influence the flavor of your shisha tobacco and burns with a consistent heat, lasts up to 3 times longer than competitors and has no smell or taste when fully lit. Sounds like the perfect hookah charcoal.

      CocoUrth Coconut Charcoal Cubes

      CocoUrth Cubes are tightly compressed coconut charcoals shaped to fit traditional smokers' needs and produce a longer burn than charcoal flats. Primarily used in premium hookah lounges, CocoUrth Charcoal Cubes light quickly on an electric coil burner and are spark free. Made with only natural ingredients, these hookah charcoal cubes have no taste or smell and let you enjoy the full flavor of your hookah shisha. CocoUrth provides several different sizes of cubes in a variety of amounts. Purchase CocoUrth Cubes at in the original cut of 25mm in boxes of 18, 72, 144 and 720 piece boxes. You can also find CocoUrth Mini Cubes, designed to work with smaller hookah bowls or hookah heat management devices in boxes of 100 pieces. Another option is the CocoUrth Big Cube Charcoal for longer hookah sessions. Buy CocoUrth Big Cubes at SouthSmoke in 64, 192 and 640 piece boxes.

      CocoUrth Charcoal Flats

      CocoUrth Flat Coals are produced for a smooth burn and a shorter hookah session. CocoUrth recommends charcoal flats for glass hookah smokers. Light the CocoUrth Flats with a coil burner, stack Stonehenge style and puff hard for huge clouds. These all-natural flat hookah coals produce less ash than competitors and contain no taste or smell and are spark free. Purchase CocoUrth Flats at SouthSmoke in boxes of 24, 96, 192 or 960 charcoal pieces. Or, pick up the CocoUrth Charcoal Split box with a mix of flats and cubes.

      CocoUrth Quarter Circle Charcoal

      CocoUrth Quarter Circles were designed specifically for use in hookah heat management devices. The quarter circle shape helps these coconut coals to fit well around most circular shaped hookah HMDs. Created with only organic ingredients, tightly packed and cut to a shape that works well with all hookah bowls and HMDs. A non-quick lighting hookah charcoal with no additives or chemicals. Buy CocoUrth Quarter Circle Coals in a 96 piece box at, the #1 Distributor of CocoUrth.

      CocoUrth Hex Hookah Charcoal

      CocoUrth Hex Hookah Coals are shaped to resemble more traditional hookah charcoals. Classic hookah smokers that enjoy finger-style rectangular coals or long-wood-shaped-coals will enjoy these coconut coals for hookah. This style is typically used in lounges around the world, specifically in Central and South America, various parts of Europe and the Middle East. CocoUrth Hex Coals are an all-natural, non-quick light hookah charcoal with all of the benefits of the rest of the CocoUrth line. Purchase CocoUrth Hex Coals at SouthSmoke in 30, 60 and 120 piece boxes.

      How do you light CocoUrth Charcoal?


      Coconut charcoal must be fully lit with an electric coil coal burner. This usually takes about 6-8 minutes for CocoUrth Charcoal Cubes and 4-5 minutes for CocoUrth Flats. Place coconut charcoal cubes or flats directly on the coal burner until the bottom is glowing red and then flip. Once the whole charcoal is glowing, it is ready to place on your hookah bowl!

      Where is CocoUrth Coconut Charcoal made?


      CocoUrth Charcoal is committed to using only 100% coconut shell husks from Indonesia as the raw material for environment friendly products and not a single tree is cut in the production.

      What style of hookah charcoal is CocoUrth?


      CocoUrth Charcoal produces many coconut charcoal styles for smoking hookah. You may find charcoal flats, cubes, big cubes, hex coals, quarter circles and mini cubes from CocoUrth Charcoal at