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CocoNara Natural Hookah Coals

Get the best possible flavor from your shisha with these high-quality coals made from coconut shell.

Coco Nara Coals




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      Coco Nara Coconut Coal for Hookah


      These hookah coals are made using only natural coconut husks and are completely eco-friendly. Not a single tree was cut to make this product! The original Coco Nara Flats are clean burning, tasteless, and odorless during light up and they do not produce sparks. These non-quick lighting charcoals burn up to 60 minutes and leave less than 5% ash. The Coco Nara Coconut Shell Charcoal Flats are available in three sizes including 20 pieces, 60 pieces and 120 pieces to satisfy every hookah smokers needs. Light the Coco Nara Flats using a stovetop or electric coil burner.

      Coco Mazaya Charcoal

      Coco Mazaya Coconut Charcoal Cubes are brought to you by Coco Nara. The 22mm square hookah coals are 100% natural made from compressed coconut shell. Non quick light charcoal that contains no sulfur and creates a low ash, odorless and tasteless burn. Coco Mazaya Hookah Charcoal Cubes will not negatively affect your hookah tobacco in any way. Economical and environmentally friendly, the Coco Nara Cube Charcoal will burn for up to 60 minutes and light quickly. It takes around 5-8 minutes to completely light the charcoal cubes on a stovetop or electric coil burner. Coco Mazaya Hookah Charcoal is available at in two sizes: a 24 piece box and 96 piece box.

      Coco Nara Quick Light Charcoal

      Coco Nara Quicklight Charcoal is a spin off from the original coconut charcoal brand on the market, CocoNara, offering a quick lighting alternative charcoal product. These Coco Nara Quick Light Coals are manufactured in Spain, and are specifically designed for smoking hookah. Coco Nara Quicklight Charcoal is known for quality since they are odorless as well as tasteless and do not interfere with the flavor of shisha tobacco. These quick light coals can easily be lit with a lighter or torch and last up to 60 minutes. High quality clean burning coals thought of as the best quick lighting charcoal on the market! Available in 33mm and 44mm sizes in single charcoal rolls or boxes containing 10 rolls.

      Buy Coco Nara Charcoal at

      SouthSmoke offers the full line of Coco Nara and Coco Mazaya Charcoal products in all cuts and sizes. Whether you would like to try out Coco Nara for the first time or you already exclusively use Coco Nara Coals, has you covered. All natural coconut coals in flats and Coco Mazaya cubes as well as convenient quick lighting charcoal in rolls and boxes. Considered to be some of the highest quality hookah coals on the market, Coco Nara will not disappoint! Used in many lounges throughout the country and world as they are trusted to be tasteless, odorless and clean burning. Completely eco-friendly, Coco Nara makes charcoal using shells from coconut fruit to reduce the cutting of trees worldwide. Save some coconut trees and enjoy a quality hookah session when you buy Coco Nara Coconut Hookah Charcoal from!

      How do you use Coco Nara coals?


      Light Coco Nara Coconut Charcoal completely using an electric coil charcoal burner and then place on top of hookah foil that lays on your hookah bowl filled with shisha tobacco.

      Why are coconut coals better?


      Coconut charcoal benefits include but are not limited to longer hookah sessions with more flavor from your flavored tobacco, less ash and limited cracking throughout your smoke and better heat distribution over your shisha.

      What hookah charcoal styles does Coco Nara make?


      The Coco Nara Charcoal brand produces coconut charcoal in 3 sizes as well as quick light charcoal for hookah. Coco Nara also manufactures the CocoMazaya Charcoal brand which is also coconut charcoal.