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Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal

Natural coconut husk make up these high-heat, tasteless coals from Charco Flare and are available in several cuts including flats, cubes, XL cubes, and quarter circles.  

Charco Flare Charcoal




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      Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Cubes


      Non-quick lighting charcoal cubes from Charco Flare are made with 100% natural coconut shells that create the cleanest burn possible. 25mm cubes tightly compressed to reduce cracking and produce a low amount of ash while burning. When fully lit using an electric coil charcoal burner, Charco Flare Cubes are odorless and tasteless allowing your flavored tobacco tastes to flourish. Charco Flare Charcoals are known for a long, consistent burn with relatively high heat to really push the hookah clouds. Charco Flare also provides XL charcoal cubes at 27mm to extend your hookah sessions even longer with all of the benefits of the original coconut cubes.

      Charco Flare Charcoal Flats

      Charco Flare Flat Coals are just another top of the line hookah charcoal from Charco Flare. A smaller cut hookah coal for slightly shorter sessions or a different way to distribute heat across your hookah bowl. Similar to Charco Flare cubes, the flats are created with all natural coconut shells while not harming a single tree in the process. Light Charco Flare Flats with a coil charcoal burner and place, stack, stand or hedge around your bowl for your desired hookah session. Enjoy a full flavored smoke as these non quick light charcoal flats will not negatively affect the taste of your tobacco in any way. Another high heat coal from Charco Flare that produces huge clouds for hookah smokers of all levels.

      Charco Flare Quarter Circle Charcoal

      Charco Flare Quarter Circles were designed specifically for use in hookah heat management devices as they fit perfectly around most circular hmds. Even if you don't use an hmd, the quarter circle hookah coals deliver heat very evenly around your hookah bowl creating a consistent burn without hot spots. Another all natural charcoal option from the popular Charco Flare Charcoal brand. Tightly packed coconut shell charcoal similar to the cubes that produce low amounts of ash and won't crack.

      Buy Charco Flare Charcoal at

      The options from Charco Flare Charcoal are endless and has them all! Purchase Charco Flare at SouthSmoke in cubes, XL cubes, flats and quarter circle hookah coals. Experience the all-natural coconut hookah charcoal that produces huge clouds and lets you enjoy the full flavor of your shisha in many cuts and sizes. Charco Flare Cubes are available in boxes of 12, 72, 144 piece boxes as well as 720 and 1080 piece lounge cases. Charco Flare Flats can be purchased in a 108 piece box and 1080 piece lounge case. Pick up XL cubes in a 54 piece box and Charco Flare Quarter Circle Coals in 16 and 112 piece boxes. Get all of your Charco Flare Charcoal at!

      What is Charco Flare Charcoal made out of?


      Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal is made from all-natural coconut shell husks in Indonesia. Eco-friendly production, an odorless and tasteless burn all make Charco Flare Coals a highly sought-after hookah charcoal.

      How do you light Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal?


      Coconut charcoal must be fully lit with an electric coil coal burner. This usually takes about 6-8 minutes for Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal cubes and 4-6 minutes for charcoal flats. Place coconut coals directly on the coal burner until the bottom is glowing red and then flip. Once the whole charcoal is glowing, it is ready to place on your hookah bowl!

      How many Charco Flare Coals are needed for a hookah session?


      For best results during your hookah session, we recommend using 2-3 coals depending on how much heat you like to use. This will provide large smoke clouds and bold shisha flavor.