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      Get Cleaner Hookah Sessions with a Hookah Tray

      Of all the hookah accessories, the hookah tray is often underappreciated for how important it is. Without one, you could have a huge mess on your hands whenever you smoke. Over the course of your session, coals form ash that can fall from the bowl. Excess tobacco can also fall from the bowl. Hookah trays solve these issues and can also be used to set extra coals. A hookah tray minimizes the overall mess, making for cleaner sessions to enjoy.

      Hookah Trays for Hookahs of Every Style and Size

      Hookah trays are as varied as the hookahs they sit on. Every smoker likes a different size and style of hookah, and you need a tray that will fit your hookah of choice. We at sell several universal tray styles that can work for most any hookah.

      Egyptian hookah traysare handmade and designed for Egyptian-style hookahs, which tend to have larger stems. The trays are available with large, medium, and small openings to fit your Egyptian hookah perfectly. Please note that due to these trays being handmade, the measurements listed on each tray's product page can vary.

      Chinese hookah trays come in large, medium, and small, as well as an extra small size with a inch opening. Chinese hookah trays are essential for Chinese hookahs, which can be too small for standard trays.

      We also sell several premium trays for hookah lovers with more eclectic tastes:

      The Star Hookah Trayis an exquisite choice of tray that is handcrafted in China. Now you can catch ashes in style, as it works for both Egyptian and Chinese style hookahs. Its sleek black appearance can help any hookah session achieve that extra appeal.

      The Vapor Glass hookah tray is an all-glass replacement tray for two of Vapor Hookahs' most popular models, the Gladiator (2.0 model only) and the Harmony.

      Make sure you know whether your hookah is Egyptian or Chinese style, or even all-glass, to get the accessories you need. Whichever hookah tray you think is right for you, we at want to help you find what you're looking for. Please call us at 888-577-6653 or contact us online if you have any questions!

      Can you use any hookah tray on a shaft?


      All hookah models are unique to their manufacture and style, this results in a variety of tray options. We recommend checking the specs on our product page or purchase the trays that come from the same manufacture as your hookah shaft.