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Hookah Tongs




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      The Importance of Heat Management

      Like many hookah accessories, hookah tongs help make your smoke sessions more convenient. More importantly, they help your hookah taste fresh! There's no risk of burning yourself when you use hookah tongs, and they allow you to move your coals where needed.

      Heated coals are added to your hookah bowl to heat up shisha. However, your coals will be too hot to move by hand. Whether you're using a coal heater, your stove, or even a basic lighter, you'll need charcoal tongs to safely move your coals onto the bowl.

      Rotating your coals is also important for proper hookah heat management. Over the course of your hookah session, areas of your hookah bowl will become too hot, which can burn your shisha. This will affect the taste of your hookah, so you'll need to rotate your coals to other parts of the bowl to maximize freshness.

      Several Styles of Hookah Tongs for Your Convenience

      Coal tongs are a simple yet necessary tool. We at carry several to give you what you need.

      Chinese hookah tongs are a multi-functional type of tong. In addition to helping you rotate and move your coals, Chinese hookah tongs have teethed edges for making holes in the foil. Of course you can always use a hookah foil poker, but these Chinese charcoal tongs may help you cut down on clutter.

      Egyptian hookah tongs are an affordable option made from durable aluminum. These economy-style tongs are manufactured in Egypt and can ensure your safety when handling hot coals.

      Premium hookah tongs are made from stainless steel and are guaranteed to never rust. They have wide ends for picking up coal easily. What's more, a foil poker is attached right to the tongs for convenience. These are our best hookah coal tongs that no serious hookah smoker should do without!

      If you need special tongs for hookah smoking purposes, you've come to the right place. Tongs can protect your hands and provide effective heat management for your hookah sessions. If you have questions about our shisha tongs, or if you just want to know how to better manage your coals, please contact us online or call 888-577-6653.

      What items should be used to pick up hookah charcoal?


      We only recommend hookah tongs for safely picking up and replacing hookah charcoal. It is not safe to use your hands to move or pick up hookah coals