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      Make the Most of Your Sessions with Hookah Foil and Accessories

      Many hookah accessories add convenience to your hookah sessions in innovative ways. However, hookah foil was designed to provide you with a superior version of the household item you may have been using.

      You may be thinking, "What's wrong with using regular aluminum foil for hookah? Yes, hookah foil works much the same way as the foil you find in your kitchen. However, hookah foil has several advantages. For one, it doesn't give off any fumes; cooking foil sometimes has non-stick chemicals, which isn't ideal for smoking hookah. You're better off using hookah foil so you can focus on tasting great tobacco flavors.

      Secondly, hookah foil is cut into convenient circles. Each sheet is the perfect size to fit around and seal a hookah bowl, so you don't need to spend time cutting foil or wasting what you don't use with regular foil.

      You can also use pre-punched foil for hookah use. Poking holes correctly in your hookah foil is important; if you do it wrong, your hookah won't use heat effectively. Your holes should be evenly spaced to manage heat, and the foil should be tightly sealed and taut against the bowl. Pre-punched hookah foil eliminates faulty hole placement while making your hookah sessions easier than ever.

      If you'd rather use standard hookah foil over the pre-punched kind but still need help punching holes, you can use a hookah foil puncher. This tool saves time by poking holes in your foil for you, spacing them evenly with a single motion. You may also opt to use a charcoal screen, forgoing foil entirely in favor of a reusable screen.

      Enjoy a Variety of Replacement Hookah Parts

      As you smoke hookah, you may find certain hookah parts may need replacing. For example, the ball bearings inside your hookah's release valve can get oxidized or rusted, which is why we offer both stainless steel and plastic ball bearings for any hookah.

      We also carry hookah supplies for some of our most popular hookah products. We carry replacement hookah charcoal baskets and infrared emitters for the Blazn Burner charcoal heater, as well as air filters, charcoal basket plates, and smoke filters for the Shishavac hookah preparation system.

      For all of your hookah accessories and replacement hookah parts, we hope you'll choose Our selection covers all of your needs. If there's still something you need help finding on our website, please call us at 888-577-6653 or contact us online.

      What are the types of hookah foil?


      We provide multiple styles of hookah aluminum foil, you can find them in sheets and rolls. They can be purchased in a pre-punched or non-punched format.