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Hookah Adapters and Valves




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      Modify Your Hookah with Hookah Adapters and Valves


      Hookah adapters and valves are used to modify the number of people smoking. These accessories can easily and safely attach to most hookah models, offering you the ideal smoking session.

      Hookah adapters make smoking hookah possible. Without them, you will not be able to use your hookah hose. Be sure to get the right kind for your style of hookah! Basic hookah adapters are used to attach hookah hoses to the ports located on each hookah stem. We offer adapters made by Mya, Vapor Glass Hookahs, and Chinese hookahs.

      A splitter adapter will allow you to increase how many hoses are in use at one time. Even a single hose hookah can be converted into a multi hose hookah with the right hookah adapter. The Splitter Adapter is attached to the hose port of a single hose hookah, allowing for two users to smoke from a single port. Fits most styles of hookahs, including glass style hookahs.

      Hookah valves offer you a more focused hookah session when using your multi hose hookah. Attach a hookah valve to any unused stem port to smoke from a single hose. Using valves also keeps your smoke from getting stale. Additionally, they also prevent water from traveling up the shaft into the bowl.

      Accessorize Your Hookah Sessions with

      We also sell hookah stem caps and ball bearings to offer you a complete hookah experience. Replacement ball bearings for your hookah valves are available in sets of plastic and stainless steel. Hookah stem caps, like valves, seal off air flow from the unused ports of a multi hose hookah.

      If you are using a Vapor Glass Gladiator hookah, you'll want a glass hose stopper to create an airtight seal. Enthusiasts of the Gladiator hookah will also need the Glass Stem Bulb and the Glass Down Tube to connect the bowl to the pipe. Please note these accessories are only for the Gladiator 2.0.

      Please contact our customer service to make sure you are ordering the right accessory for your hookah.

      How does a hookah hose attach?


      Using a rubber grommet, inserting a hookah hose into the opening of hookah creates a air-tight fit. Using the proper size grommet is important to prevent air leaks