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Hookah Tobacco Sample Size




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      Try them all without breaking the bank


      Sample packs are usually 50g to 100g in size and offer the hookah user a few smoking sessions to experiment with the brand and flavor of choice. Whether you're looking to try a new brand or are branching out with different flavors, hookah tobacco sample size packs provide an affordable entry point into a world of new hookah experiences.

      Multiple sessions in one

      50g sample packs make approximately 2-5 bowls. 100g sample packs make approximately 4-7 bowls. Sample size containers provide just enough hookah tobacco to help you decide if it's right for you. And at an affordable price, you can ensure you won't be spending a bunch of money on a flavor you don't like.

      Experiment with Ease with Sample Size Hookah Tobacco

      Normally, you might feel overwhelmed with so many options to choose from. After all, hookah tobacco comes in every flavor imaginable -- and then some! Simple flavors like Cantaloupe, Grape, and Strawberry can satisfy hookah smokers old and new, but unique flavors like Fantasia's Jolly Molly or Starbuzz's Double Apple can take hookah sessions to new heights. But you'll never know if a flavor is for you unless you try.

      Once you finally decide on a flavor, you may not like it as well as you thought you would. If you went with a full 250g size container, you'd be out of luck. Sample sizes in 50g and 100g let you try flavors without committing to a full-size container.

      All the hookah tobacco flavors we carry are proven household names. However, their reputation does not guarantee you will like the flavor you choose. Sample sizes make experimentation with many different brands possible. Additionally, if you're the type of hookah smoker who enjoys trying lots of different flavors for a constantly fresh hookah experience, sample sizes are perfect for you!

      Variety is the spice of life -- try out a new hookah flavor today from!

      Does sample mean free?


      We don't offer any free tobacco, we've used the term to describe the process of trying multiple flavors from a brand. We know it's easier to make a decision on a 50g box versus a 250g or even 1000g size option.