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Hookah Tobacco 200g and Above




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      Ordering Hookah Tobacco 200g and Above


      200g and 250g jars of tobacco make approximately 10 to 15 bowls. We even have massive 1kg containers that can provide you with 40 to 60 bowls of hookah fun. Choose a large jar of hookah tobacco by some of the most well-known names in the industry, and start smoking with style.

      When you choose a trusted brand like Fantasia, Fumari or Al-Amir, you're getting more than just the quality of their name. These leading brands of hookah tobacco contain a range of diverse flavors that are sure to impress. From the rich, honeyed flavors of Al-Fakher Golden to the always-reliable and delicious Starbuzz Premium, you and your hookah group can enjoy a full range of unique tastes. And because you've chosen a large jar of hookah tobacco containing 200g or more, your enjoyment will extend far beyond a single session. A single jar offers you multiple hookah sessions, so you can recreate the good times over and over again!

      Tantalizing fruit flavors are a classic, while more unique concoctions like Mango Ice (Fantasia) and Watermelon Freeze (Starbuzz) satisfy your craving for trying something new and wild. We're sure you'll find something your whole group will love!

      Get Your Hookah Supplies from

      There's nothing quite like having a large group of friends over for a hookah party. But when everyone is smoking from multiple hoses and hookahs, your hookah tobacco can get used up quickly. Jars of hookah tobacco 200g and above solves this issue, as a single container has enough tobacco for 10 bowls or more! has a wide variety of large hookah tobacco containers. Need help choosing a size, brand, and flavor? Don't hesitate to contact us online or call 888-577-6653. We'll help you find one your whole group will love!

      ATH T-Steel Hookah

      Adalya Tobacco's version of the traditional or tradi style hookah. The same great precision craftsmanship with a more traditional hookah look. The ATH T-Steel Hookah line brings high-end stainless steel machining to the time-honored, classic style shisha pipe. The stainless steel stem uses shapes and cuts that would normally be seen on traditional brass and tri-metal hookahs. The base of the hookah stem consists of a closed chamber system and an external purge valve to allow an easy purge of harsh smoke from the crystal glass base. Similar to the L-Steel models, a detachable diffuser creates a quieter hookah session and more filtered smoke. For a modern feel with a traditional shisha look, the ATH T-Steel line should be your top choice for your next hookah.

      Why are the 250g sizes so popular?


      The 250g size of hookah tobacco has become an industry standard size and provides the perfect amount of session to enjoy in solo or group sessions.