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Zomo Shisha Tobacco

Taste the some of the best unique shisha flavor mixes straight from South America with Zomo.

Zomo Tobacco




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      Zomo Tobacco Available In The United States


      Founded in 2004, Adalya Tobacco has become known as a world leader in shisha tobacco. Now, in addition to hookah shisha, Adalya has released a line of hookah pipes under the name ATH - Adalya Tobacco Hookah! High quality, stainless steel and brass shisha pipes made exclusively for smoking shisha tobacco. Hookahs that stand out from the crowd with their outstanding quality and precision workmanship. Made in Turkey using high quality stainless steel, each ATH pipe is rust free, acid resistant as well as friction and corrosion resistant. All Adalya Tobacco Hookah bases are handmade crystal glass bowls produced by Pasabahce, one of the oldest, biggest, and most successful glass manufacturers in the world! The engravings found on some bases are also handmade using modern and traditional patterns. Base colors are original commodities of the glass and no base is artificially colored providing vibrant colors and elegance for years!

      ATH L-Steel Hookah

      Zomo Tobacco has launched their three most popular lines in the United States, including the Black Edition, Strong Line, and World Experience Line of special tobacco. The Black Edition Zomo Tobacco Line is a dark leaf tobacco that is barrel aged for many months. This aging technique allows for the tobacco leaf to absorb all of the flavoring and juices to create a much deeper and richer smoke. The Strong Line is made with dark leaf tobacco and undergoes proprietary methods to ensure that the flavors deliver a phenomenal result with a long lasting taste. Lastly, the World Experience Line features six special mystery flavors that are mixes and represent different parts of the world. From Blue Caribbean to Tropical Amazon, these is a flavor mix sure to please your taste buds.

      Zomo Tobacco Sure Has the Flavors To Please

      Whether you're looking for fresh tastes you can count on or an exciting burst of flavor to tantalize your tongue, Zomo Hookah Tobacco has exactly what you're looking for. The 50g packs of Zomo shisha tobacco are available at Zomo is all about offering you choices, and we are happy to help you make one. So make the smart choice and choose Zomo from!

      Where is Zomo Tobacco made?


      The Zomo team is based in Latin America, this is where all the innovations and creations happen. We stoked to be able to provide flavors from all around the world to you, here at Southsmoke.

      What are the available Zomo shisha sizes?


      You can find these amazing flavors in both 50g and 250g size options.