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Trifecta Shisha Tobacco

Experience small-batch, creative, and robust flavors from Trifecta, available in blonde and dark leaf options.

Trifecta Tobacco




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      Trifecta Tobacco - Small Batch Hookah Flavors


      Trifecta Tobacco flavors hit the hookah around 2014 and made a lasting impression almost immediately; an impression most likely here to stay and for good reason. A small batch shisha manufacturer based in Spokane, Washington with passion, knowledge, and dedication to crafting only the best shisha tobacco. Trifecta is praised by hookah enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of shisha flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the blends that they provide that can't be found anywhere else. The proprietor of the Trifecta brand is an enthusiast himself, so he knows what the community wants and is more than happy to provide it.

      Trifecta Blonde Tobacco

      A modern, light leaf tobacco labeled as top-tier hookah shisha. The Trifecta Blonde Tobacco line can be compared to other modern shisha brands like Fumari, Ugly Tobacco and the Azure Gold Line. They use only the best blends of tobacco leaves that are golden brown without added dye or artificial coloring. A very easy cut to work making this shisha easy to pack and really good with heat. A great washed tobacco for beginners with little nicotine buzz. Trifecta Shisha produces large clouds and holds flavor through extended hookah sessions. New, creative flavors are always rolling out and the long list of enthusiast favorites include Trifecta P3, Bona Fide, Twice the Ice, and the shisha flavor everyone wants to try, Trifecta Peppermint Shake!

      Trifecta Dark Tobacco Leaf

      The definition of craft hookah tobacco, the Trifecta Dark Tobacco line is a rich, dark leaf tobacco made in small batches. The go-to dark leaf tobacco for hookah smokers in America, Trifecta Tobacco dark leaf is heavy in flavor with dense clouds. A burley tobacco that is finely cut and a bit juicy. Not quite the buzz of Tangiers Tobacco but a great level of nicotine for beginners to dark leaf. You?ll notice subtle tobacco notes with each flavor profile and the hookah sessions last forever! Robust, accurate shisha flavors from a top choice, unwashed tobacco. Popular Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco flavors include Durty Mint, Death by Ice, Spumoni, and Pulp Friction. Dive into the world of dark leaf shisha with Trifecta Tobacco!

      Buy Trifecta Tobacco Shisha Flavors at

      If you are looking for the best craft shisha tobacco flavors available, Trifecta Tobacco at is the way to go! Experience the popular small batch shisha flavors in Trifecta Blonde and Dark Leaf Tobacco at the #1 online hookah store. Find Trifecta Hookah Flavors in 250g and 1 kilo tobacco sizes available now!

      What is the difference between Trifecta Blonde Tobacco and Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco?


      Trifecta Dark Leaf Shisha is unwashed burley tobacco to retain more nicotine and some of the natural tobacco flavor in the shisha blends. Trifecta Blonde Shisha is washed Virginia tobacco leaf that has less nicotine buzz and allows the added flavoring to flourish.

      Where is Trifecta Hookah Tobacco made?


      The Trifecta Tobacco company is based in Spokane, Washington, USA where they produce hookah shisha in small batches. They are known for creating unique shisha blends to be smoked from a hookah pipe.

      What is the best Trifecta Tobacco flavor?


      The most popular shisha flavor from Trifecta Tobacco is currently Peppermint Shake along with many other hookah flavors including Twice the Ice X (TTIX), TNT, Bona Fide, and Nawar.