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Tangiers Premium Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Available in Noir, Birquq, F-Line, and Burley lines, Tangiers Tobacco is for the experienced and sophisticated hookah smoker. With an extensive list of flavor offerings, this dark leaf hookah tobacco will provide a big buzz.

Tangiers Tobacco




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      The Exclusive Appeal of Tangiers


      Tangiers Shisha offers you a smoke unlike any other. Tangiers uses a mix of raw full-bodied cut US tobacco leaves and with no artificial coloring added. This gets you a smooth smoke with big, fluffy smoke clouds and robust flavors. You simply can't get this kind of smoke experience from any other brand. Tangiers Shisha is produced in three major lines, Noir (original), Burley, and Birquq, Tangiers Noir is the original line that offers this unwashed tobacco packed with a strong buzz. Tangiers Birquq is a sweeter lighter leaf tobacco that is lighter on heat management. Tangiers Burley uses more burley tobacco for the strongest buzz and is meant only for experienced Tangiers smokers.

      We sell this premium shisha solely in 250g size pouches to get you the most for your money. Good for about 10 to 15 smoke sessions, they're sure to be some of the best you've ever had! Make sure you keep enough in stock for several hookah parties. The last thing you would want is to run out when the hookah's getting good!

      Try Tangiers' Full Line of Shisha Flavors

      Tangiers is known for creating some of the most authentic tastes in the industry. Browse the full list of Tangiers flavors, available for your smoking pleasure. There's a taste for every discerning palate. From the sharp yet refreshing Cane Mint to the doubly-good taste of Kashmir Peach, Tangiers shisha offers you the real deal. Flavors like Mimon, Its Like That One Breakfast Cereal, Brambleberry, and Tropical Revenge are just like biting into a juicy fruit. And their Kashmir Plum flavor tastes so authentic, you'll swear you were biting on the real thing!

      Robust, full, and authentic - all of these describe Tangiers shisha. Get yours today and see why Tangiers is taking the hookah world by storm!

      All Your Hookah Needs are at is proud to offer the complete series of Tangiers Shisha flavors for your enjoyment. As always, you can rely on to supply you with all your Tangiers needs. So go ahead and dive into the selection of shisha flavors. Join the Tangiers flavor craze today!

      Where is Tangiers hookah tobacco made?


      All of our flavors come straight from the Tangiers hookah company directly, and they're based out of Arizona.

      Do you need to use a container with Tangiers?


      We highly recommend moving your Tangiers tobacco into a separate container after you open the pouch. This will ensure freshness, better flavor quality, and ease of use when preparing a hookah bowl.

      How long does Tangiers shisha last?


      This unique hookah tobacco is crafted from dark leaf tobacco, this allows for longer exposure to heat. Utilizing proper preperation and heat management, a large bowl of Tangiers can last up-to 4+ hours.