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Shisha Kartel Tobacco

Shisha Kartel Tobacco




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      Shisha Kartel - Are You With Us or Against Us?


      Shisha Kartel brings the flavor to everyone and anyone whos down for the best hookah session possible. The team captured a perfect line up of flavor formulas that will win over the pickiest crowds, and reduce time spent crafting mixes as these blends are ready to go out the box. They dont leave any mint hookah flavor fans out of their recipes, so you can expect to experience some cooler inhales with remarkable exhales. The 2023 launch for this Shisha Kartel leaves the door open for growth within their shisha flavor collection, and we cant wait to share with you all of the unique blends that they will bring to the hookah market. Whether you are new or an experienced hookah smoker, the Kartel team is here to guide you through a tasty year of big clouds and better flavor.

      Shisha Kartel Available at in a Variety of Flavors and Sizes!

      Shisha Kartel delivers an easy to use blonde leaf tobacco that provides long lasting flavor and a moderate buzz sensation. You will be able to enjoy their full collection of blends in either a 50g box or the larger 250g size option. We keep only the freshest batches on our shelves for your next best session.

      What is Shisha Kartel?


      Shisha Kartel is the latest and greatest hookah tobacco brand to enter the market in 2023. Their collection is crafted with blonde leaf tobacco that caters to anyone and everyone that seeks a high quality hookah smoking experience. This new premium line is backed by a team of shisha experts from the Al Fakher tobacco company.

      Where is Shisha Kartel made?


      Shisha Kartel is meticulously handcrafted in Dubai with a proprietary blend of flue cured tobacco leaves for superior performance.

      What are the best Shisha Kartel hookah tobacco flavors?


      After spending 2 years in development and gaining feedback from the European market, Shisha Kartel has identified several flavors as leaders in their catalog. We think you will really enjoy Sexy Sheba, Guilty Gang, and Capo Dei Capi.