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OverDozz Shisha Tobacco

Taste bold flavors and acheive huge clouds with shisha flavors available from OverDozz.

OverDozz Hookah Tobacco




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      Enliven Your Hookah Session with OverDozz Shisha Tobacco


      A completely new look and feel to a very familiar hookah shisha. OverDozz Hookah Tobacco is a new line of hookah shisha made by the creators of another large hookah brand. An all-new, trendy style with delicious flavors of Arabian origin. Creative hookah flavors designed for a long, luxurious hookah session. Unique branding and imagery covers the new packaging. Designs that give hookah tobacco a more modern, edgy and urban feel. Graffiti, gold bars, and digital graphics adorn the cans of bold, fruity shisha flavors. Explore this new movement in the hookah industry with OverDozz Hookah Shisha, now at

      Premium Flavored Tobacco from OverDozz Tobacco

      Ingeniously crafted shisha tobacco using only premium ingredients like finely cut Virginia leaf tobacco. A popular blonde tobacco from right here in the U.S. with robust flavors and a slight nicotine buzz. The tobacco is infused with real fruit flavors to create artisan shisha blends to heighten your hookah session with rich and unique tastes. Tasty concoctions to exemplify modern, urban trends in America.

      The Best OverDozz Shisha Flavors

      The spree of flavors from OverDozz includes familiar shisha blends like a double apple, grape and lemon mint with a new look, styling and some small tweaks. But that's not all, OverDozz also produces some all new hookah blends like cappuccino with cookies and peach with coconut. Let's go over some of our favorite OverDozz Tobacco flavors and then you'll just have to test out the others on your own!

      What is OverDozz Hookah Tobacco?


      OverDozz Tobacco is shisha tobacco created to exemplify modern, urban trends in America. Finely cut Virginia leaf tobacco infused with real fruit flavors to create artisan shisha blends.

      What are the best OverDozz Shisha flavors?


      The most popular OverDozz Hookah flavor with hookah enthusiasts is 24 Karatine. OverDozz Wild Night Out, Double Trouble, Lusidream, and Go For Broke also sell well.

      What is the best shisha mix using OverDozz Tobacco?


      A recommended shisha mix with OverDozz Tobacco is 24 Karatine and Wild Night Out with a little Fresh Green. Mix together the shisha before packing in your hookah bowl.