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Isfahani Tobacco

Also known as "tombac", Isfahani is a traditional shisha tobacco for serious and experienced hookah smokers.

Isfahani Tobacco




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      Try Isfahani for a Traditional Smoke


      Return to hookah's roots with Isfahani natural hookah tobacco. This premium brand is made in India, which is known for its rich history with hookah smoking. Now you can help keep the tradition alive with Isfahani! Unlike other hookah tobacco, Isfahani does not contain any glycerin or natural flavors. When you smoke Isfahani, you'll only get the pure, fresh taste of natural tombac tobacco leaf.

      Other brands may offer you a flavor that tries to capture that natural tobacco taste. However, an imitation is never quite like the real thing. For a taste full of flavor and a strikingly bold buzz, Isfahani has what you're looking for.

      What Else is Different About Smoking Isfahani Shisha?

      The taste isn't the only thing that's different about Isfahani tombac tobacco. Even the way you pack it is a traditional experience. Instead of filling a hookah bowl with shisha, you place hookah charcoal directly onto the tobacco leaves. You do this after wetting your tobacco leaves, removing the stems, then breaking it up and packing it in the bowl. This method may require a larger hookah tobacco bowl, but that's okay. has you covered with plenty of plus-sized hookah bowls. These are perfect for Isfahani tombac leaves; you won't have to worry about running out of space.

      Get Back to Basics with Traditional Isfahani Tobacco

      If you've been smoking hookah for a while, it may be time for something different. No doubt you've already tried all the most popular hookah tobacco brands. You've enjoyed the fun flavors of Fantasia, Al Fakher, and Starbuzz for years. But now you?re looking for a more classic kind of smoke. Isfahani tombac shisha is for you. This traditional tobacco will provide you with a robust, natural smoke. It's hookah like you've never had before!

      What is Isfahani Tombac?


      Isfahani Tombac Tobacco is dried, natural tobacco leaf produced by the Sultan Tobacco Company for smoking on a hookah pipe. Isfahani Tobacco does not use any glycerin, honey, or flavoring additives. Only raw tobacco leaves.

      How do you smoke Isfahani Tobacco?


      Isfahani Tombac is not smoked like other shisha tobacco that contains additives and flavoring. You must first wet Isfahani Tobacco leaves, remove any stems, and cut into smaller pieces before placing in a hookah bowl and setting hookah charcoal directly on top.