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Fumari Shisha Tobacco

Find your next favorite blonde leaf shisha tobacco flavor with Fumari's Strikingly Fresh lineup.

Fumari Tobacco




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      Fumari Tobacco - Strikingly Fresh Hookah Tobacco


      Fumari Tobacco began as a local San Diego, CA hookah lounge, first opening its doors in 1997. Their initial mission was to share the hookah culture across Southern California. Fumari soon began innovating their own shisha tobacco flavors and in 2002 was launched. The mission to share the hookah culture now had no boundaries as Fumari Tobacco and hookah products were now available beyond the confines of San Diego. With years of experience and insights into customer tastes, Fumari created shisha flavors like Fumari Ambrosia, White Gummi Bear, Guava, and Lemon Mint among others that have become global bestsellers. Fumari is still based in San Diego, California to this day where they produce and pack their premium hookah tobacco. A small, crafted batch tobacco company with all teams under one roof. Research and development, sales, and shipping working side-by-side to provide the best flavored tobacco and ensure flavors are always available and fresh.

      Craft Hookah Tobacco - Fumari Shisha

      You can rely on Fumari Tobacco to provide cutting-edge hookah shisha flavors consistently, year-round. Fumari is a small batch hookah shisha manufacturer that prides itself on producing unique, never-before-seen shisha flavors and premium shisha tobacco. Always looking for ways to surprise the hookah enthusiast community with the next must-have shisha flavor. From a recent release of Fumari Lemon Loaf to the latest flavors of Summer Sorbetto and Banana Custard, you can be sure to find a Fumari flavor to fall in love with.

      Along with the new releases of Fumari flavors in 100g and 1kg packages, pick up the whole Fumari Hookah line at Experience flavors in every category from dessert shisha to drink mixes, fruit blends, and everything in between from the premium hookah shisha brand in Fumari Tobacco. Fumari knows that a hookah session is only as good as it tastes and they pride themselves on only having "strikingly fresh hookah tobacco".

      Buy Fumari Tobacco at

      Fumari Tobacco is always striving to bring the hookah enthusiast what they crave. If you are new to Fumari Hookah and looking for the most popular shisha flavors to try out, grab Fumari 100g packs of Fumari Caribbean Colada, White Gummi Bear, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Mint, or Mochaccino. All top-of-the-line hookah shisha flavors that are now staples in hookah enthusiasts' closets and hookah lounges alike. See what all the hype is about, you know where to purchase. Find the latest Fumari Hookah flavor release at your favorite online shisha store in

      What is Fumari?


      The Fumari Tobacco Company produces shisha tobacco for hookah as well as other hookah products and accessories.

      Is Fumari Shisha Good?


      Fumari is a very popular shisha tobacco produced using premium ingredients like flue-cured Virginia tobacco and a two-step aging process that improves absorption of ingredients. Fumari flavors are made in small batches and packed in flavor-lock pouches designed to keep flavors fresh.

      What is the Best Fumari Shisha Flavor?


      Fumari produces many popular tobacco flavors. Some of these flavors, like Lemon Mint, White Gummi Bear, Spiced Chai, and Ambrosia, have become global bestsellers. There are many popular dessert Fumari Hookah flavors like Blueberry Muffin, Banana Custard, Lemon Loaf, and Summer Sorbetto.

      Where is Fumari Hookah Tobacco Made?


      The Fumari Tobacco brand started as a hookah lounge in San Diego, California, USA. They now produce premium hookah shisha in small batches right here in America. All teams, from R&D to Sales to Shipping, work side-by-side to ensure shisha flavors are always available, fresh, and ready to ship to any corner of the globe.