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Azure Shisha Tobacco

Available in blonde and dark leaf varieties, Azure offers a variety of sophisticated flavors for any hookah smoker. 

Azure Hookah Tobacco




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      The Exclusive Appeal of Azure Gold Line and Black Line


      Azure Gold Line Shisha offers a traditional style smoking experience that most other blonde leaf tobacco lines on the market offer. Traditional in nature, Azure Gold Line sets the standard with unique flavors that cannot be found in traditional brands like Al-Fakher or Mazaya Shisha, such as Blueberry Muffin, Cinnamon Cookies, Grow a Pear, and Mango Cheesecake to name a few.

      ATH L-Steel Hookah

      The perfect lounge hookah. The L-Steel Hookah line from ATH has a lounge-style, simplistic look for a sleek, modern feel. More than just a stick hookah, ATH L-Steel pipes have added flair with intricate engravings, clean shapes, and an overall elegant and unique look. Using high-quality stainless steel parts and precise craftsmanship, Adalya Tobacco creates a hookah rivaled by few and admired by many. The L-Steel Hookah line features a closed chamber system with a built in purge valve for a clean look and effortless purge. For the perfect hookah party, we suggest the ATH L-Steel Charnewa 4 Hose Hookah to share with friends! Easily smoke with up to four people when you smoke the Charnewa Hookah model with 4 individual hookah hose ports.

      Azure Black Line Blended Shisha offers you a smoke unlike any other. Azure Black Line Hookah Tobacco uses a mix of raw full-bodied cut French Virginia tobacco leaves and pure sugar cane molasses. This gets you a smooth smoke with big, fluffy smoke clouds and robust flavors. You simply can't get this kind of smoke experience from any other brand.

      We sell this premium shisha solely in 100g size containers to get you the most for your money. Good for about 5 to 7 smoke sessions, they're sure to be some of the best you've ever had! Make sure you keep enough in stock for several hookah parties. The last thing you would want is to run out when the hookah's getting good!

      Try Azure Gold and Black Lines Full List of Shisha Flavors

      Azure Tobacco is known for creating some of the most authentic tastes in the industry. Browse the full list of Azure Gold Line and Black Line Tobacco flavors, available for your smoking pleasure. There's a taste for every discerning palate. From the sharp yet refreshing Bermuda Mint to the Dark Line Sweet Summer Sun, Azure Shisha offers you the real deal. Robust, full, and authentic - all of these describe Azure shisha. Get yours today and see why Azure Tobacco is taking the hookah world by storm!

      What is Azure Tobacco?


      Azure Hookah Tobacco creates flavored tobacco products for smoking out of a shisha pipe. Azure provides more than 50 shisha flavors between the Azure Gold Line of blonde leaf tobacco and the Azure Black Line of dark leaf tobacco.

      Where is Azure Hookah Tobacco made?


      Azure Shisha is produces handmade hookah tobacco in small batches in Temecula, California, USA.

      What are the best Azure Tobacco shisha flavors?


      There are more than 60 shisha flavors to choose from in the Azure Tobacco Gold and Black lines. The most popular Azure Shisha flavors are Lychee, Lemon Muffin, Grow A Pear, Cinnamon Cookies, and Rio Mint.