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Adalya Shisha

Taste one of the most popular shisha tobacco brands in the world, made in Turkey. 

Adalya Tobacco




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      Premium Quality Adalya Shisha Tobacco


      Hookah shisha made from only the highest quality ingredients including Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring additives. A smoke very similar to the famous Al-Fakher Tobacco brand but with more exotic and creative hookah blends to choose from. Expect a comparable red dye and bold shisha flavors with little nicotine hit. Adalya Shisha is a solid hookah tobacco for any level of hookah smoker from beginner to hookah enthusiast.

      Exotic Hookah Shisha Flavors

      Popular for unique, creative shisha blends, Adalya Tobacco has caught the hearts of hookah enthusiasts around the world with flavors like Love 66 and Lady Killer. Other attractive blends include the exotic Hawaii, Baku Nights, Blue Lychee, Mango Tango, Swiss Bonbon and the oddly named Tynky Wynky. As you can see, Adalya Shisha loves to be a little different with hookah flavors and that is what makes them unique and craved by hookah smokers. Try these new shisha blends and see what you have been missing out on!

      Adalya Hookah - Created From Experience

      Born on a tobacco farm and a graduate with a degree in Technology Engineering in Tobacco, the creator of Adalya Shisha Tobacco knows hookah. As a way to offer tobacco product to customers of the Adalya Café who were looking for Nargile scents, production of Adalya Shisha began. First offered to the domestic market of Turkey with flavors appropriate to the region as well as the European Union, Adalya Tobacco soon expanded to Europe, Asia, and America and has become one of the most popular shisha brands in the world! Attention to detail in research and development as well as innovation, Adalya is always looking to improve and take over the hookah shisha market.

      Adalya Tobacco Now at!

      New to the United States, is one of the first online hookah stores to carry Adalya Tobacco and their creative hookah flavors. You can find over 20 new shisha blends to try from the popular Turkish shisha brand in three tobacco sizes. Pick up Adalya Hookah Molasses in 50g tobacco boxes, 250g tobacco cans and 1kg tobacco jars for your enjoyment now at SouthSmoke!

      What are the best Adalya Tobacco flavors?


      The most popular Adalya Shisha flavors include Love 66, Lady Killer, Hawaii, and Mango Tango among many others. Adalya Tobacco carries countless premium fruit shisha blends and we recommend trying them all!

      What is Adalya Hookah Shisha made of?


      Adalya Hookah Tobacco is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients including Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring additives. Adalya is a premium blonde leaf hookah tobacco that provides great taste and big smoke clouds.

      How long does Adalya Hookah Tobacco last?


      If Adalya Tobacco is stored in an airtight container similar to a plastic or glass jar in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, it can retain freshness and quality for at least one year. Remember to stir the shisha tobacco before each use to be sure that all molasses and flavoring juices are mixed in.