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Torch Lighters

Torch Lighters

Torch lighters offer you an easier way to heat up your hookah coals. Torch lighters are perfect when attempting to ignite quick lighting style charcoals or semi quick lighting coals. The torch lighters that we offer are trendy, stylish, and definitely affordable.

Browse the many different styles we offer here at, and start heating up your hookah sessions.

Stylish and Functional Hookah Torch Lighters

If you want to add excitement to your hookah sessions, torch lighters are the way to go. Additionally, they are an easy, low-cost solution to your coal heating needs. Unlike the everyday lighters you can find around the house, special hookah torch lighters bring an unmatched sense of style that's perfect for getting in the mood for hookah fun. Both beginner and experienced hookah fans can enjoy these designs that range from sleek and modern to refined and retro.

The differences between hookah torch lighters and regular lighters aren't just based on appearance. Every torch lighter needs a high level of functionality to ensure a great hookah session every time you use it. All our torch lighters use butane lighter fluid and contain a universal refilling valve. They provide your hookah coals with an adjustable single, double, or triple blue torch flame to get your coals lit quick, so you can start enjoying your hookah in no time.

Here are just a few of the lighter styles we carry at

  • Canteen - Fun with a flip lid
  • Viper - Sleek
  • Double Dutch - Built-in cigar puncher
  • Coil - Visually striking
  • Tailgate - For the utilitarian (contains built-in flashlight, corkscrew, bottle opener)

Getting a More Convenient Hookah Session

Quick lighting coals and semi quick lighting coals serve a specific purpose. Hookah lovers who choose these coals over traditional coals or coconut coals value their time above everything else. That is, everything else but having a great time with hookah! So to save time and enjoy their hookah to the fullest, they choose quick light and semi quick light coals to get their sessions started more quickly. Torch lighters are an integral part of that process, as they let you light coals with ease.

Most hookah accessories help you have a more convenient hookah session, and torch lighters are no different. By efficiently lighting your quick lighting and semi quick lighting coals, torch lighters help you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying hookah.

Have questions? Give us a call at 888-577-6653 or contact us online.

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